Monday, August 20, 2018

Somewhere on a Beach - Craft Room De Stash Challenge

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It's so nice to whittle away at my overwhelming supply of crafty doo dads!  This month may seem like an odd mix, but we are painting our bathroom and my completed project will probably be going in there.

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Somewhere on a Beach

We love visiting the coast each year, usually Alabama in February.

View from the condo we rented this year

My favorite activity is strolling along the waters edge, hand in hand.  We talk, laugh, and listen to the waves.  There's not an ocean in Arkansas, so anything found along our walks is interesting to us.  Most things are tossed back, but we do like sand dollars.  We have never found any of substantial size that weren't broken.  Is there a trick for finding them?  They seem to be very fragile.

Some of these small ones were found this year and some are from last year.

Handsome Husband noticed a penny press in the USS Alabama gift shop and couldn't resist the fun tourist activity.  That star fish was a gift from a friend's daughter ages ago.

USS Alabama on a foggy morning

My stash includes a monstrous stack of frames.  Avoiding an avalanche somehow, I managed to find one perfect for this month's project that had a nice, thick mat.  Oh, and this old velour jacket was in my pile, too.  Isn't the fabric a pretty color?

My project begins with dismantling the frame and mat along with cutting a sleeve off the jacket for a square of fabric.  The blue velour is held in place on the back of the mat with some clear tape.

Then my objects found somewhere on a beach were arranged, rearranged, removed, and arranged again.

Once a decision was FINALLY made, they were held in place with just the tiniest bit of white glue.  The frame and glass were then gently built back around them.

Since our bathroom is currently a complete wreck of paintbrushes and missing trim, photos were shot on the side of our old milk barn.  'Love the look of that weathered wood with the black frame.

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  1. Wonderful idea! I spend a view days in Floridas Panhandle this May and I desperately tried to find a sand dollar. But same as you I noticed that they were all broken. I was so happy when I found - literally in the last couple of minutes before leaving this magical place Germany bound - a precious Little sand Dollar. It is still wrapped up in wads of tissue paper until I find a way of displaying it. I think I just found one, thanks to you!!

  2. I'd like to know the trick to finding in-tact sand dollars myself. In all my beach adventures, I have only found one, and it's very small. Love your project and how you used an old jacket for the fabric background.

  3. Such a pretty keepsake. I would not have thought to cut up a jacket for the back but that is very clever.

  4. That turned out to be a very attractive display. - Margy

  5. What a nice memento of your travels! I've only found 1 sand dollar in my life. It just recently broke - so sad.

  6. I think sand dollars are hard to find now a days. I love how you framed them along with the other items. It makes a nice remembrance of your vacation.

  7. This is a pretty way to display the shells, Marci. It's great that you had everything you needed on hand. We don't find too many sand dollars here that aren't broken. They are so fragile. Pinning to my coastal decor board.

  8. Such a lovely way to save your memories! Excellent destash! Shared and pinned!

  9. What a great way to preserve your travel memories!

  10. Love the post. I live in Pensacola so I am just a short distance from your vacation spot. Let me know next time you are coming to the area we could meet up. Happy Fall, Kippi

  11. Love the craft! I've been to where you went, of course not too far from me since I'm already in Alabama ♥

  12. Marci, We were on Siesta Key Beach a few years back. It was early morning and there had been a storm the previous night. The waves washed in a ton of sand dollars and a person on the beach told us how to look for them. They were all buried, but there were little holes in the wet sand where each one was, kind of a little ripple. We dug up large and small, took them back to where we were and rinsed in water. Then we added in bleach and finally just let them dry in the sun. Thank you for sharing with Share Your Style!

  13. What a great way to preserve moments. Stop by Over The Moon Linky party since you are featured.

  14. This is dear to my Coastal Bohemian heart. Love it .


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