Sunday, August 5, 2018

Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Passenger Train Excursion

Historic Downtown Van Buren is such a lovely spot to visit!

We rode in the upstairs Dome of the Silver Feather car on the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Excursion Train.  The view is spectacular!  From Springdale to Van Buren, the trip takes about two and a half hours.  On the way down, our conductor gave bits of history about the sites we were passing.  There was also information given about the names of rivers and streams.  But that came with a warning.  He told us at one popular swimming hole, it is very common for all the swimmers to line up and "moon" the train in unison.  When Handsome Husband and I laughed, the girls wanted to know what it meant.  So we had to explain what happens when being "mooned".  Those sweet babies were horrified.  The youngest one crossed her little arms and said, "I'm not doing that."  ;-)  Good girl!

First thing we did upon arrival was the Free Trolley Tour.  Not only was the driver very knowledgeable, she was also enthusiastic and entertaining.  It was nice to get a quick overview of the area before we started walking.  Once the tour was complete, the trolley driver dropped off passengers at a restaurant of their choice.  We chose burgers.  The Boomerang Diner has this awesome Elvis statue for photos, and our lunch was yummy, too!

We enjoyed strolling along the pretty streets and hopping into whatever shop caught our attention.

These cuties are so much fun!

Once the girls were tired of shopping, they changed into their swimsuits.

There is an awesome splash pad near the Van Buren Depot with a covered pavilion close by where Handsome Husband and I could chat in the shade.  The layover in Van Buren lasts about three hours while the train takes passengers from Van Buren to Winslow and back.

We had a wonderful time!  What historic areas do you enjoy visiting?

;-)  -Marci


  1. I'm saving this in my 'Grammy & Papa's' Pinterest board to remember to do with my grandson when he's a little older. The dome car looks like so much fun!


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