Thursday, August 2, 2018

Honk if You Love Up Cycles

Is it just me or is this one happy looking goose?  ;-)

July's Thrift Store Upcycle Challenge  

began with this collection of dusty, broken lawn ornaments along with a tractor seat that was a gift from my Matriarch Aunt.   So far, I've completed four projects with these items.  You get to see two of them today!

Here are the two previous posts:

Wings Wall Plaque

For today's project, I used:

2 Rusty-Dusty, Broken Metal Lawn Ornaments
Scraps of Rusty-Dusty Chicken Wire
Spray Paint from My Stash in Yellow, Orange, Red and White
A Small Pot of Hunter Green Paint from my stash
Paint Brush
Cut Resistant Gloves
Wire Cutters
Painters Tape

Getting the chicken wire wrapped around the rooster and goose took some patience.  The farm fowl friends are made of  just a shaped metal band with legs welded to the bottom.  Each were laid on top of the chicken wire which was then folded over the bird.  I used my wire cutters to roughly cut the chicken wire about an inch bigger than the metal form.

From there, the pliers were a big help twisting the chicken wire into itself and around the edges of the metal band.  It holds its shape very nicely, once it is attached.  Their beaks and legs were painted first and then protected with painters tape.  The rooster's comb was the same, just spray paint and tape.  It took about three passes with the white to get the wire and band covered nicely.  I actually used a brush and small bucket of Hunter Green paint left over from This Project for the base and each eye.

Now, where should they land in our garden?  Near the colorful calibrachoa?

Or maybe in front of the elephant ears?  Every farmhouse garden needs a whimsical rooster and goose, right?  ;-)  I'm considering naming my new friends, but can't decide.  Those little tags would be a fun spot to write their names, don't you think?

'Definitely a couple of up cycles worth crowing about!

What's happening in your garden?

;-)  -Marci


  1. Great job...these are adorable.

  2. Awesome idea, Marci!!! You've got me thinking...

  3. Just love this Marci (will pin it). Upcycle away. Visiting you from Words on Wednesday. Thanks for hosting. I'm a new follower of yours on Pinterest. Hope you'll share the social love with me. My share at the party this week is Beauty, Healing From the Red Rocks in Sedona. Enjoy! Nancy Andres @

  4. These are soooo cute!!! Very creative and great job

  5. Oh they look so cute Marci and yes they do need names ;-)

  6. I love the upcycle. You're so creative.

  7. How fun, Marci! This is such a great piece for garden decor.

  8. Love your upcycled goose and chicken. So colorful. Yard art is fun! They both look great in your garden.


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