Thursday, August 9, 2018

Book Review: Restore. Recycle. Repurpose.

Create a Beautiful Home

by Randy Florke with Nancy J. Becker


Partial Synopsis from Good Reads Renovation that’s eco-friendly…AND economically smart.

  From Country Living contributing editor Randy Florke (Your House, Your Home) comes a gorgeous guide to decorating sustainably and inexpensively.

My Thoughts:  As I finish up our guest bedroom and begin painting the bath room, several home decor books are being checked out of our wonderful public library.  There are lots of tips in this one that really strike home with me.   It's all about finding purpose in lovely patinas and old finishes.  If you read my blog very much, you know that growing and decorating gourds is one of my favorite activities.  Many rooms in  this book are styled with gourds for the stunning photographs giving me great ideas for new ways to use them.  I especially love that the author frequently gives money saving advice from his grandmother.  This lovely book has inspired me to go dig thru our old milk barn with a different perspective.  I am hoping to find something interesting for a towel rack.  We'll see!  ;-)

 What have you been reading or remodeling?

;-)  -Marci


  1. Oh I bet you can come up with something creative out of your barn. Excited to see what you do. I love reading books like this! I follow Country Living on Instagram.

  2. Thanks Marci for the tip about this book, Restore. Recycle. Repurpose. I love books that show helpful ways to upcycle stuff and love your blog.Visiting from Make it Pretty Monday 262 with Beauty, Healing from Red Rocks Sedona. Enjoy.Nancy Andres @


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