Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sweet Little Chickens

Would you like an update on our small backyard flock?

We currently have six pretty hens and one tall handsome rooster.

These photos were taken on a sunny day in February.

You can see they enjoy checking the fallen leaves for hidden insects.

This one seems to be stoned.  ;-)

What's happening in your back yard?

;-)  -Marci


  1. Pretty girls and rooster. How many do you have? Have you ever heard of a Polish chicken? We have one that's mostly black but has white/black feathers on her head, can't see her eyes. That is if bantam will leave her alone,had 2 bantams but one died couple months ago. Boy they're mean chickens.
    Chickens,coop, feeder/watering container given to us by one of our daughters neighbors moving to Denver.
    Had never had chickens before so was learning experience for me.Hubs brought up on farm in OK so he was experienced. I really enjoy them, such personalities.
    We don't have a rooster. Would we get more eggs if we did? We live on 1/2 acre, most of which is our back yard so they have plenty of room to roam, seem like happy girls. They like to go under our old Suburban in summer for their dust baths and hang out alot. I love to watch them run on those little legs, so funny. Whenever we go outside they come running up to deck. One of them had taken to jumping up on edge of wagon when am hanging laundry out, so curious and she talks alot. She's a red chicken, not sure what kind.They all keep our yard clear of bugs and chase the lizards.
    We have an older male cat but he is very wary of chickens, never messes with them so we don't worry about him being in yard with them. Our dog is black lab/border collie so he herds them and watches over them, everybody gets along.
    Probably telling you what you already know, being a novice I just enjoy them. Just have to watch where we walk so as not to bring in poop on our shoes.
    Have great week, enjoy your cheickens. We keep our daughter/ family in eggs.

  2. I really miss my 'ladies,' thanks for sharing yours! We still don't have their pen prepared and seem to have lots of hawks, owls and even an occasional eagle around. We used to let our hens out all day at the old house but I'm not comfortable here until we have an adequate pen. Don't you love how chickens seem to enjoy pecking around looking for food? I find them watching them both entertaining and relaxing. Again, thanks for sharing your flock

  3. Wow they are beautiful! Friends of ours recently began raising chickens -- I know our dog loves visiting them because she is both fascinated and terrified of them!

  4. These look like pictures of ones hanging on my wall. Beautiful colors. I like the black and white one.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,

  5. Hello, I would love to have chickens in the yard. What a pretty flock. I like the stoned chicken too. Cute! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend

  6. Beautiful photography of your sweet 'flock' ~ thanks,

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  7. Hello!:) Your hens have pretty colours and are handsome birds. I like your stone hen.:)

  8. I enjoyed seeing your chickens. We had a flock of chickens when I was a child

  9. My husband once won a chicken coup in a competition so we purchased two chickens as their wings weren't clipped they flew into next door's garden we realised living in a built up area is no place for chickens so they went back #animaltales@_karendennid

  10. i miss having chickens, we hatched a fair few over the years in our garden in the UK, our last chicken was rehomed in 2010 before we left the UK, she was 4 when she died bless her. #animaltales

  11. Lovely chickens and they look so healthy. I'd love to have a rooster again but his early morning cocka-doodl-doing would not go too well with guests in our holiday cottage!

    Thanks for linking up to #AnimalTales and I hope you can be there next time for our 100th Birthday. You can link up a new post as well as an old favourite, even if you have already linked it ... maybe one you simply just really like or one that you'd like to give a bit of extra love to!

  12. I think chickens have to be one of my favourite animals. Some lovely shots there! #animaltales sorry it's a bit late!


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