Sunday, December 13, 2015

Gift Wrap Ideas

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?  Wowza!  ;-)
I'm not really a fan of regular ol' gift wrap.  I prefer the wrap be functional or at least hand made.  I really like using fabric, towels, blankets or even sheets. 
Here are some things that have worked for me.  Maybe you'll like them, too?
Zebra Box  For this fun option, I used a plain box and dressed it up with some duct tape.
 photo d42f3c4b-9f41-4a03-89bc-4a90788b0dc2_zps21aeaf63.jpg
DIY Envelopes  Are you sending gift cards to anyone?  I made these envelopes with paper scraps!
 photo c5a9d2ca-42a2-4f52-8bac-b84783bffecd_zpse9d69600.jpg
Divided Baskets are so much fun to fill.  They make such a pretty presentation!

Tote Bags are also fun to fill as well as

 photo 7683b11d-b2a4-45db-a305-408b46b51318_zps77ca9531.jpg

Messenger Bags!
Got Tu Tus?  Click HERE for a rumple free wrapping idea.

How 'bout a silly recycled container?  Gobblin' Gus techniques could be used for young (or goofy) gift recipients!  ;-)  There's more than one "GOOF-BALL" on my list that would enjoy this!  'Just saying.  ;-)

Here's another option for an Upcycled Container.

 This Quick Zebra Pouch was big hit wrapping nail polish for a chic teenager!  She used it as a coin purse for a very long time!  This one is actually a duct tape project, but, of course,


you could always sew a Zippered Pouch if you prefer!


If you read my blog much at all, you know how I love Hand Stamped Brown Paper Bags!  They always make me smile!  Perfect for lotions or hand made soap.

Bandanas are great for lots of things, especially books!
What about cards?  I got ya covered!  ;-)  Here are a couple of ideas for quick DIY gift cards!
I'd love to hear about your wrapping techniques!  What are your favorites?
;-)  -Marci


  1. all great options :) I am lazy and use wrapping paper and gift bags though I have wrapped some presents in a blanket (part of the gift) and/or cloth.

  2. You have some really great, economical ideas here! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lots of great ideas for wrapping there! All so much better than store bought wrapping paper! :)

  4. Some great ideas here, Marci. Many I remember, but some I haven't seen. I always loved the way you 'wrapped' the tutu. I have to check out those envelopes. They look great. Love you to add these to the Gift Wrapping linky at TMW, too.


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