Thursday, December 17, 2015

Another Tradition, Our Christmas Village

This year, only three buildings made it out of the closet.  The Church.  The Schoolhouse.  The Toy Shop.  I think the trees are my favorite part of the display and most of them are being used.

The church, of course, takes center stage.

On one side is the town's Nativity Scene.  Even though my little donkey has lost his ears, I just can't part with him!  ;-)

On the other side of the church is this lovely band playing live music along with children building snow men. 

A sweet dog lays just outside the door of the school house,

and the toy shop is ready for business!
What are your favorite things to display this time of year?
;-)  -Marci

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  1. Marci, your village is so pretty and cozy!! I just love wintry village vignettes! I have one I put on top of our buffet each Christmas. It's from the Dollsr Tree years ago. Merry Christmas!!


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