Thursday, December 18, 2014

'Lost Your Marbles?

Here's a fun little idea for storing game pieces and perhaps preserving a little sanity!  ;-)

The project begins with a clean, recycled jar and lid.  This happens to be one that held artichoke hearts.  Just recycle one that is about the size you need and wash it.

All it took was a zap of black spray paint on the lid.  Next, Handsome Husband drilled a small hole and I added the fun little knob.  Easy Peasy, not to mention super cute!

What do you do when you've about lost your marbles?

;-)  -Marci


  1. I love this!! I saw these where you can glue a plastic animal like dinosaur, giraffe, etc and spray paint them for the kids. Great ideas!

  2. That is a great idea! I think it would be fun for all sorts of storage!

  3. What fun. I love it! Nancy A.


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