Saturday, December 20, 2014

Book Review: The List

by Martin Fletcher


A partial synopsis from Good ReadsMartin Fletcher has captivated television audiences for thirty-five years as a foreign correspondent for NBC News. Now, Fletcher combines his own family’s history with meticulous research in this gripping story of a young Jewish family struggling to stay afloat after World War II.

My thoughts:  Post WWII London is the setting for this book.  Amidst the horrors of all that the Third Reich unleashed upon the Jewish people, there is love.  Couples are getting married and having babies even though they are searching for their scattered family.  Frequently only sad news is found.  So many lives were lost in WWII.  I appreciate how the lines between good guys and bad guys are blurry. Each side fights for what they feel is a just cause.  I love how Martin develops the character of the terrorist, who is a loving family man by day and a trained assassin by night.  

While there are parts of the story that made me angry and others where I cried, I felt like the overall message is one of hope.  Martin Fletcher is an excellent author.  I will definitely be checking out more books from him!

What are you reading?  Any recommendations?

;-)  -Marci

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