Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pouch Giveaway

Psst...  There is a fabulous giveaway going on at Sabje's Blog !  Zip over there and enter to win!
I'm giving away a super cute zippered pouch I've sewn using This Tutorial from Noodlehead !
AND some of my handmade soap!  ('Remember my recent Soapmaking Class ?)
'Not sure what color I'll be mailing to the lucky winner.  These  Zippered Pouches  are so much fun to make, I just can't stop sewing them!
 Zip over to Sabje's Blog and join the fun!  (Get it?  Zip! hahaha!) 

I'd love to send a pouch to you!
;-)  -Marci


  1. Ran right over and entered, and I hope I win!! Your pouches are so cute, and I am anxious to try your soap!! Hugs

  2. I would love to win! I love love love and made soap!

  3. Those pouches are too stinking cute!!! And the little wrapped up soaps!?! What a fun touch!

  4. Just bought zippers to make some pouches but winning one would be fab


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