Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Update One Year, Twenty Wishes

Thank you, Kassi and Kayli at Truly Lovely , for hosting a wonderful link party all about one year of fulfilling twenty wishes. The idea is to make a list of what I WANT to do, not have to do, or need to do, but what I WANT to do next year!

Truly Lovely

So, what would I like to accomplish in 2013?  Click  HERE to see my original post.  A few things have already been accomplished!  Here's the update for December 2012! 
4. Increase my herb collection.  **I have added lemon grass and double mint!

7. Learn soap making.  **Aunt Linda's Soapmaking Class was wonderful!


8. Create my own herbal bath salts.  **Done!  Tutorial to follow soon!  

13. Learn Photo Shop... OK, so I bought the program last year and still have not opened it. EESH!  **Thanks to Kassi at Truly Lovely , I tried Photobucket and am doing a little better!  More practise is needed though! 

19. Learn bloggy, techy things.  I don't really know what those things are, but I would like to! Can anyone help?  **Thanks to Danni of Silo Hill Farm , I've learned how to make a button for my blog AND how to place buttons onto my blog!  I'm also using HTML without crying or freaking out!  'Definitely an improvement!  ;-) 

So, yeah, even though this list is for 2012, a few things are coming together.  'Kinda makes me feel like an over achiever!  ;-)   

What do you WANT to accomplish next year? Please join the fun at Truly Lovely !

;-)  -Marci


  1. In march my 30 before 30 list will end. Cause Ill turn 30 (whaaa) and so my 31 before 31 list will start. Im in a similar situation where I need to start thinking about what I want to put on that list. I look forward to reading what you want to strive towards in 2013.

  2. What a lovely idea and what a lovely list! Will have to give it some thought as to what i to would like...
    hugs to you dear Marci

  3. I love that you are accomplishing so much Marci! I also love that you are not afraid to try new stuff!! You go girl! I need to set some new goals too!

  4. You're doing so well!!!! Marking things off left and right I see! :) So glad hear Photobucket is working out for you. You'll get PhotoShop mastered in no time!


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