Sunday, October 1, 2017

Travels with Marci near Russellville

My full time job (besides blogging) has me on the road quite a bit these days, regularly buzzing around four different counties here in Arkansas.  I am so very blessed to live in a beautiful area.  When something catches my eye, I snap a picture with my phone.  There's really no telling what I might photograph!

This photo is of Arkansas Nuclear One just before sunrise.  The pink and gray skies make the photo a bit eerie.

Where have you been lately?  Did you snap any photos?

;-)  -Marci 


  1. My husband works as a QC Engineer at that plant twice a year during their outages. He's been there plenty of times.

    1. It's pretty fascinating how many more people are onsite during outages! I guess the surrounding lakes are GREAT for fishing since the water temps are warmer. -Marci


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