Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sky Vue Lodge, Back Porch of the Ozarks

'Just before sunrise... 

For our 26th anniversary, we stayed at Sky Vue Lodge.  This was the view from the deck of our cabin.

Located between Winslow and Mountainburg on Business 71, Sky Vue Lodge certainly deserves the name "Back Porch of the Ozarks".  Our charming cabin came with a picket fence and porch swing. 

Did I mention the view?  I took these photos while sitting in the swing.

Besides the view, we also loved the breakfasts!  Each morning, a hearty, delicious breakfast was served family style to all the guests.  The big table was filled with tasty treats and interesting conversation. 

It was a wonderful way to begin the day!

Thank you, Sky Vue Lodge !  We truly enjoyed our visit!


  1. Thanks for the great blog mention Marci. We really enjoyed having you stay with us. We have had a slight setback getting our new website up and running but I will be making a few corrections to the old one for now and hopefully Janice and I will soon join all of you in the blogosphere! Glenn Jorgenson Sky--Vue Lodge

  2. This looks like a wonderful place to celebrate 26 years of marriage. What a treat! And wow, Congratulations 26+ years is no small task!! Thank you so much for linking up to Flashback Friday Marci. Hope you have a great weekend. Is it your anniversary this weekend?

  3. Oh My GOODNESS!!! How is it that we have never met? I grew up in NW Arkansas. I went to Mountainburg School all my school years and my best friend's dad ran the gas station at the top of Mt. Gayler where the tower is that you can climb to see the Boston Mountain Range. I have LOVED finding you. I actually lived between Mountainburg and Mulberry near the National Forest that White Rock Mountain is in. At least White Rock is near by if not actually in the forest range. I don't remember for sure. I LOVE Arkansas...so many friends and some family there. xo rachel

  4. beautiful the ozarks are on the list of places to visit this year thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures
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