Friday, February 17, 2012

Knit T-Shirts into Rugs

I subscribe to "Mary Jane's Farm" magazine and just love it.  If you are a farm girl (or a wannabe) check out Mary Jane's website here .

Mary Jane sends a "Project of the Week" email.  I copied and pasted this one for you.  (You know how I love re-inventing T-shirts.)  'Love the idea of cutting them into strips and knitting with them.  I bet a large crochet hook would work, too.  My favorite crochet pattern is Granny Squares.  How fun would it be to custom dye the T-shirts and then crochet or knit or macrame' them?  What do you think?   

Knit t-shirts into rugs, Pattern by Gail Neumann of Genesee, Idaho

Approximately 26″ x 19″
knit t-shirts into rugs

You’ll Need

  • Size 15 (10.0mm) 29″ circular knitting needles
  • 7 large t-shirts
  • OR
  • 90 1″ strips cut from 56″-58″ wide 100 percent cotton knit fabric


  1. If using t-shirts, cut shirts into 1″ bands widthwise through both layers with a rotary cutter. (Use hem, arms, and collar for stuffing your next pillow.) Cut circular bands apart at one end, making long, flat strips.
  2. Connect the 1″ strips together to create “yarn” by cutting a ½″ lengthwise opening in the end of each strip (like a buttonhole) and pulling the next strip through that opening-like putting two rubber bands together.
  3. Cast on 50 stitches. Knit as many rows as you like-the more you knit, the longer your rug. Cast off.

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