Sunday, February 12, 2012

'Got Bows?

His Lamb I am Giveaway!


Happy dancing!  Happy dancing!

Chubby Fashionista and all her chic friends know the cutest bows come from His Lamb I Am!

How do you enter to win?

For One Entry

1.  "Like" His Lamb I Am on Facebook
2.  Follow Stone Cottage Adventures

I know what you are thinking.  "The bows are so stinkin' cute!  How do I double my chances to win?"

For One More Entry

1.  Leave a comment on His Lamb I Am Facebook page referring to the give away
2.  Leave a comment on Stone Cottage Adventures referring to the give away

OK.  OK.  Here's how you get a third entry into the drawing! 

For Another Entry

1.  Link this His Lamb I Am giveaway post to your facebook page or blog!
2.  Make sure to tell us about the link up!

Oh, and get this!  There will be two winners!  (squeal!)  The two winners will be announced two weeks from today. 

'Don't know which bows His Lamb I Am will be sending, but I do know each bow will be amazing! 

Stop Happy Dancing and Start Entering! 



  1. I'm following His Lamb I Am (as Danni Wartman) and am following your blog!

    Such a cute baby, BTW :)

    And Katie was a miniature Jack Russell, which I suppose they may make "miniature" by breeding with a rat terrier.

    lambaround at gmail dot com

  2. Hi, Danni! Welcome! 'So glad you came!

    I love rat terriers. 'Not sure the difference between rat vs miniature Jack Russells. ;-) -Marci

  3. Loving those bows! I think my favorite is the second to last one! Too cute!

  4. Love the bows! I have liked on facebook and following you. I have also added to my blog giveaway page:

  5. Hi, Susan! These bows are absolutely adorable! Thank you for participating in the HIS LAMB I AM giveaway! -Marci

  6. Your giveaway featured on my site. This site is set-up for international giveaways. If you have another giveaway that you would like adding please email me:
    or become a follower and see if there are some giveaways you would like to enter


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