Thursday, October 29, 2015

Soup... It's What's for Dinner!

Craft fairs are a big thing here in Northwest Arkansas.  Last weekend was the Big Grandaddy-of-Them-All Weekend Festival.  It began with War Eagle Craft Fair ages ago and has grown to such crazy proportions that there are artisans all over the area that weekend every year.  My buddy, Amanda, and I, took in one of the bigger ones and had a great time.  All I bought was food.  Go figure!  ;-)  I'd like to tell you about one of the items in particular that has been a BIG hit. 
*Disclaimer:  I am not getting paid for this post.*
As Amanda and I were cruising the booths, Old Plantation Soups and Dips had samples and, of course, we wanted to try their products.  Everything we tasted, we liked!  I purchased the Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup and the Taco Soup mixes.
Now, I should preface this next part of the post by saying, Handsome Husband and I are both employed full time.  Our work schedules can be long and pretty dang erratic, so week night meals really need to be quick and easy.  One late evening when we were both hungry, but neither of us felt like cooking, I grabbed the Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup mix.  The directions said to add water, chicken and a can of tomatoes.  I pretty much followed the directions on the package.  Using a large pot, in went the mix, 4 cans of chicken, one cup of rice and some tomatoes fresh from the garden coarsely chopped along with a small can of sliced black olives.  The most difficult part was probably chopping the few tomatoes.
  About 20 minutes later, we had a WONDERFUL hot dinner with plenty left over for the next day.  Oh, man!  That soup just really hit the spot on a cool Autumn evening!
I found their website and ordered some more soup mixes.
Anyway...  Just wanted to pass along a tip for a yummy, quick meal!

What have you been cooking?
;-)  -Marci

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  1. Hubs is cook in our house. Long story but he's been doing cooking since after all kids left (4). I Just lost interest in cooking after they all grew up. did some cooking when we lived in Mt and KY but just enuf to keep myself alive while hubs on the road. He's gotten to be pretty darned good cook. I give advice now and then but he keeps the title. He can have it. I like to bake.
    Your soup sure sounds good, just throw a few things in and let it simmer, yum. Good for you. Eating out gets old and not good for us. We were going to Burger King way too much so have really slacked off doing that. I gained 15 lbs. in last year, gee wonder how? Take care and have good weekend


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