Saturday, October 10, 2015

Butterflies, Beetles and Tarantulas

These photos were taken at Butterfly Pavilion near Denver, Colorado.
Their motto? 
Butterfly Pavilion is the zoo of small wonders and BIG experiences!

I think these sweet children would agree!

Any time a butterfly would land on or near one of the visitors, their little faces would just beam!

We spent about three hours there and had a wonderful time!

There was just so much to see!

Lots of nectar rich plants in bloom.

A small aquarium has a couple of petting tanks and visitors are invited to pet a horseshoe crab as well as two different star fish.  Just so you know, horseshoe crabs feel kind of like a turtle shell.  'Not sure how to describe the starfish.  Bumpy, I guess, but not sharp or rough.

Not being a big fan of beetles, it didn't occur to me to photograph them.

Inside the butterfly greenhouse, there were several small streams and ponds

holding various fish, turtles and tortoises.

I love turtles!

OK.  If you don't like spiders, stop right here!  No, really!  Stop, unless you are OK with spiders.
We hopped in line with the children so we could hold a tarantula!
This one only weighs a couple of grams.

We could barely feel her weight.

Did you know tarantulas can live up to 25 years?

 It was a lovely way to spend the morning!
Butterfly Pavilion is the zoo of small wonders and BIG experiences!
;-)  -Marci


  1. Such beautiful pictures! You're brave holding that tarantula... I might at a place like that where they get held on a regular basis, but if I found one in the wild, NO WAY!!

  2. a warning before the spiders would be appreciated lol :) we have a butterfly house near us that we visit in the summer. so beautiful!

  3. Your photos are stunning!! (even the tarantula!) We have a butterfly house near us but it's been awhile since we've visited. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  4. I love butterflies- they are just so amazingly beautiful. You are brave to hold a tarantula...eeeks.

  5. Beautiful! You are an outstanding photographer. Glad I stopped by from Titus 2 Tuesday.


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