Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Our favorite neighbors throw a full blown Halloween Party each year.  Spooky décor, live music, and of course a costume contest!  ;-)
Do you remember the Tall Tales from Elementary School days?  I love being this Paul Bunyan's Babe!  ;-)  He is such a good man.

Handsome Husband doesn't really care for costumes, so he is wearing a red flannel shirt with jeans and work boots.  For me, I found this cute workout set that will definitely be seeing the gym!  A Halloween store had the horns, ears and tail.  (OK.  You can't really see my tail!)  I made my udder using pink knit fabric and four calf bottle nipples from Tractor Supply.  My necklace is a cow bell on a cord from Hobby Lobby.  'Pretty simple!

Some of the other costumes were over-the-top cute and very elaborate!    Their party was definitely another success!  We are already looking forward to the next one!
Please send me ideas for next year's couples costume!
Happy Halloween!
;-)  -Marci

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