Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dishwasher Maintenance, Anyone?

I love being married to a big strong fella who can build and repair just about anything.  He's wonderful!  Sometimes, though, I have more than one project to do at the same time.  This weekend, for example.  Handsome Husband is hard at work replacing the bathroom floor.
Suddenly, I feel the dishwasher filters *MUST* be cleaned today.  No, not tomorrow.  Today.  We've had this dishwasher for about 15 years or so.  (Does that make it "vintage"?)  It's been working fine up until a few days ago.  The dishes have been kind of gritty.  A little maintenance is probably all it needs.
How hard can this be, right?  What could go wrong, right?  ;-)
I typed my dishwasher's brand and model number into my laptop browser and *POOF* there was a video on how to disassemble it!
Thanks to this
I grabbed some tools and tackled the project!  'Pretty exciting, huh?  I thought so!
Once I got to the part that needs cleaning, let me just say
Make sure you thank whoever has been cleaning these at your home!  I scraped and scooped and rinsed until all the filter places were clean.
After putting it all back together, I was a little nervous if it would actually work.  LOL!  We had a few dishes from breakfast, so I added the dish soap and hit the start button.  It works!  No leaks or crazy noise!  The dishes came out sparkling! 

Yay me!
While I am very grateful for all my husband does around here, I am pretty dang handy myself and so very proud of my new skill.
Vintage Dishwasher Maintenance
What have you been learning?
;-)  -Marci


  1. I'm so impressed that you fixed the dishwasher yourself! Don't you just love the Internet? We have fixed many things by looking them up on the Internet...from air conditioners and heaters to stoves and refrigerators. Well done you brave girl! Yay! It probably would have cost a pretty penny to have a plumber come in and do that for you.

  2. for our dishwasher maintenance I rub some moisturizer on my hands! ha :) I turned 51 this year - I have had access and/or used a dishwasher 2 of those years. I hope I get one in retirement but then I wonder will I know how or even bother to use it?

  3. OUrs gets disgusting and k-ster is the lucky one to clean them. He just clean them at the beginnig of summer and I noticed the other day I can see grime on the screen again. I rinse my dishes a little first, so there's no reason for the gross build up. My dishwasher is so old- almost 20! I don't use it every day but I expect it to work well when I do!

  4. I do our dishwasher maintenance too since i am the one who really wanted it and didn't want my hubby to resent it :) It does feel rather good to accomplish these tasks on our own, doesn't it? :)

  5. I wish I was more handy! Those home fixit things just always go wrong when I do them.

  6. We tried doing our own dishwasher maintenance, but we finally threw in the towel and got a new Great job in doing it yourself.


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