Sunday, February 22, 2015

Princess Seams - Yikes!

You might remember my post Ooh La La... Learning French Seams where a lovely soul, Linda, asked if I were interested in sewing classes.  (To read my entire geeky response, just click HERE.  I am such a goober.)  So far, she has not issued a restraining order against me!  ;-)  This post is about my second class with her.
So, THIS BOOK is part of my Twenty Wishes for 2015, but I don't exactly know what I am doing.  LOL!  I specifically asked Linda for a class on how to fit a bodice.  Choosing the Audrey dress from Famous Frocks, we worked for three hours, with Linda teaching me how to measure my torso about a million different ways and then writing all over the paper pattern pieces.  Oooh!  Say that three times fast.  Paper Pattern Pieces.  Paper Pattern Pieces.  Paper Pattern Pieces.  Whew!  I had never sewn princess seams before and was pretty intimidated.  If they don't fit perfectly, they just look awful.  YIKES!  I am so very grateful to Linda for scheduling this class just for me.  Interestingly, two other gals signed up and we all had a great time!
Most of the class was spent measuring and writing.  Once the muslin was cut and sewn (get this, I couldn't believe it)) the bodice fit perfectly on the first try!  THE FIRST TRY!  Thank you, Linda!
It may not look like much, but seeing the fit made me feel like I had climbed Mount Everest!  What a victory!  It fit on The First Try!
The actual dress is coming along nicely!  I can't wait for you to see it!
What have been learning and/or teaching?
;-)  -Marci


  1. Well, you know I have no idea about any of this....yet! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished work. Mostly, I'm learning to have patience with this cold weather lately! LOL!

  2. You are on a roll, Marci. Well done on the bodice fitting well. I look forward to seeing the finished garment.

  3. Getting a bodice to fit right on the first go is an incredible feat. Well done!

  4. I don't know much about sewing, but I do know that I'm enjoying following along!

  5. My mother was a wonderful seamstress and I could never get the hang of it past a slip stitch or something. The terminology is also so foreign to me. So I admire anyone who can do beautiful garments. Your fitted bodice looks very nice! Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.


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