Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book Review: Arkansas Waterfalls Guidebook

by Tim Ernst
All my sweet readers know that I LOVE my home state.  Let me tell you about one of the reasons our nickname is The Natural State.  Our beautiful mountains are home to stunning waterfalls. 



If you are not familiar with Tim's photography, click on THIS LINK.  He is incredibly talented!
Partial synopsis from Tim's Website :  ARKANSAS WATERFALLS GUIDEBOOK - Second Edition (first published 2011, updated in 2014 with NEW Newton Counry road #'s - every road was re-numbered by the county in 2014). This guidebook from Tim Ernst features all the info you need to find more than 200 spectacular waterfalls and cascades in "The Natural State."
My Thoughts:  We actually have the first edition that I purchased long ago and frequently reference after some wet weather.  If you live anywhere near Arkansas, this book is an absolute *MUST* for your library!  We enjoy hiking, so we appreciate Tim's directions with the trails as well as the bushwhacks.  It's nice that he points out interesting rock formations and historical sites along the route.  Hiking isn't for everyone, of course, but don't worry.  You can still enjoy this book. Tim lists falls and cascades you can see from the road that you probably wouldn't notice when travelling at 55+ MPH!  I know, right?!  Just slow down a little, or park to snap a few photos!  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the beauty of my home state!
Where is you favorite waterfall?
;-)  -Marci


  1. I lived in Little Rock for about six years when I was little, and we've gone to Hot Springs on vacation a couple of times. I used to live in the Philippines also (Air Force brat), and they had beautiful ones there! We even went on a guided tour in canoes behind them. It was amazing.

  2. We love to spend time around Jasper , we just went a few weekends ago and enjoyed time around Lost Valley. There are some great waterfalls there. It's a very nice hike. There are also some great waterfalls around Ben Hur and Richland Creek that I'm sure are in his book. Ill have to put this book on my to get soon list. Thanks!

  3. I will have to check this out! We spent an entire vacation just going to some of the fabulous state parks in Arkansas. I particularly enjoyed Devils Den. I have to admit that my favorite waterfalls are on the island of Kauai.

  4. What a great guide. If I ever visit Arkansas I'll have to see if I can find a copy so I can find some of the beautiful places.

  5. I have never been to Arkansas, but looking at these waterfalls they look beautiful! I might have to make a stop there someday and grab this book before I do. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Going for a weekend drive is one of our favorite things to do. I think I may need to check out this book to find some new places for us to check out!

  7. Looks like a lovely book, Marci. I don't think I have ever been to Arkansas, but seeing this waterfall makes me think my hubby and I should visit sometime :) Thanks for sharing at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  8. I've never seen an Arkansas waterfall before, but I am dying to see some. There is one up North-East (I think?) that I really want to see.


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