Friday, February 20, 2015

White Rock Mountain Road

From Arkansas Scenic Highway 23 AKA The Pig Trail, turn east on White Rock Mountain Road for some rugged beauty.  These pictures were snapped in early February.

The bridge at Turner Bend.

Bee Bluffs.

All these photos were taken from the car.

If your vehicle can handle the road and your heart can handle the beauty,

make a point to visit The Natural State.

Y'all come see us!
;-)  -Marci


  1. Beautiful!! We have often camped at the Shores Lake campground and really enjoyed all the trails and creeks around the White Rock area. It is such a beautiful place! Do you happen to know if Shores Lake is still drained?

  2. Oh! I have and I love it there! The sites are all wonderful...the names are both funny curious and funny!
    it is truly beautiful there.

  3. Great pictures but no snow from our news you would think your country is blanketed in white.

  4. How beautiful! I think Sam and I have been on the pig trail...or at least some of it.

  5. What a beautiful place!! Those rocks are amazing! :)

  6. Great pictures! Enjoyed them very much.

  7. These pictures are absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for sharing part of where you live. #HomeMattersParty

  8. Beautiful.The area with the little bridge tucked between the trees looks so pretty.


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