Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1 Year 20 Wishes February Update

Truly Lovely

Thank you, Kassi and Kayli at Truly Lovely , for hosting a wonderful link party all about one year of fulfilling twenty wishes. The idea is to make a list of what I WANT to do, not have to do, or need to do, but what I WANT to do next year!

So, what would I like to accomplish in 2013?  Here's the whole, entire list. Updates are in bold... 

1. Celebrate 27 years of marriage! I know, right?  

2. Vacation in Colorado.
3. Attend concerts.

4. Increase my herb collection.  A few have been added...

5. Create a new presentation on herbs for when I am asked to speak.   Done!  I was invited to speak in January and again in April!  

6. Complete 5 hypertufa projects.

7. Learn soap making.  Done!  Have you seen this post telling all about it?

8. Create my own herbal bath salts.  Done!  Read this post !

9. Create my very own herbal lip balm.

10. Learn to quilt.

11. Sew one quilt for each of my children.

12. Take a photography class.

13. Learn Photo Shop... OK, so I bought the program last year and still have not opened it. EESH!  OK, so I still haven't opened that box, but I am rockin' photobucket!  

14. Organize leadership at Herb Society of NWA.  Done!

15. Run a 5k. This is an interesting one. In 2002, I ran a half marathon. Just a few months later I was diagnosed with an early stage of cancer. Returning to distance running is therapeutic on so many levels.

16. Successfully complete a Warrior Dash with a respectable time. I have already registered! Isn't that exciting!!

17. Create my own herbal salad dressings.

18. Get really good at making artisan cheese. I'm just beginning to learn right now. If you have any recipes or can recommend any sites, that would be awesome!

19. Learn bloggy, techy things. OK. I don't really know what those things are, but I would like to! Can anyone help? 

**Thanks to Danni of Silo Hill Farm , I've learned how to make a button for my blog AND how to place buttons onto my blog! I'm also using HTML without crying or freaking out! 'Definitely an improvement!   
**Thanks to Kassi at Truly Lovely , I tried Photobucket and am lovin' it!
**Thanks to Holli of Holli's Hoots and Hollers, there is now music on my blog! 
**Debi at Adorned From Above gave me a lesson on making a list of blogs for our Winter Walk .  Thank you, Debi! 
**Helen at Blue Eyed Beauty and Angie with God's Growing Garden taught me about hosting a blog hop.  <Please join us the first Wednesday of each month for The Great Blog Train!>  It is so much fun meeting all the box cars!  Thanks, Helen!  Thanks, Angie! 

Gee!  I hope I haven't left out any lovely teachers!  Bloggers are amazing! 

20. Monetize my blog somehow. 'Dunno about that either. Any advice? Anyone?

What do you WANT to accomplish next year? Please join the fun at Truly Lovely !

;-) -Marci


  1. 27 years? Awesome! We are at 24 this year.

  2. Have you ever heard of SocialSpark? They have a blog ad company called IZEA. That's who I do my blog ads through. You can customize the kind you want to show up and what not. Plus SocialSpark offers paid posting opportunities... Any way, just my little bit of input. Here's the link if you'd like.


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