Saturday, November 26, 2011

Watch Where You are Going!

The trip from Northwest Arkansas to Kansas City is so easy.  Get on Highway 71.  Drive north.  Lock in cruise control somewhere close to the speed limit and lean back.  With minimal steering, you'll arrive in Kansas City in about three and a half hours. 

It can be a little boring unless I take my camera.  Then I am watching where I am going in hopes of snapping a cool photo.  There is so much to see when you are watching.  Now, I don't always feel comfortable pulling over and taking a picture.  I'd really rather not be squished by one of those big 18 wheelers or be kidnapped or murdered either.  I'm much too busy for that.  So with some caution in mind, I watch for something beautiful or interesting or amusing. 

OK.  So, here's the monologue in my mind.  "Ooh, look at that red tailed hawk on the power pole.  That would make a cool silhouette photo against the gray sky.  Oh, rats.  Traffic.  Oh, wow!  What a pretty pond!  I really like those cat tails.  It would look cool to photograph them low looking across the water.  Hmmm...  the shoulder of the road is narrow here, better keep going.  Oh, my, a big pile of junk.  I don't want a picture of that.  Cool barn, love that old tractor, what a gorgeous horse..."  You get the idea.  The monologue goes on and on and on and on. 

When travelling any distance, I try to schedule about a half hour or so of extra time.  That way if a small town appears to be especially charming, I can buzz through and snap a picture or two.  With some caution in mind, sometimes I stop on the side of the highway. 

I'm watching for beauty.  I'm watching for something that makes me smile.  I'm watching for joy.
I don't know where you are going, but I'd like to invite you to watch for joy!  God probably has a smile planned for you, just up ahead.  You have to watch for it though.  Watch where you are going!  Thank you for sharing my joy. 



  1. Beautiful and perfect timing for my soul's recipe. God is helping me re-learn childhood memories. And these are some the ingredients He's asked me add: bountiful hugs, cupfuls of laughter, bowls of smiles, and a pinch of courage for new adventure. I'm late to everything, and this reminder to schedule time for "beauty captures" may be the new joyful paradigm to ease the panic felt when going a new path.

  2. Marci I love this. I do the same thing and not just when traveling but all day, every day. My IG account is littered with pics that just bring me such Joy. God is good that way to fill our days with little and big spots of joy! Once again thanks again for linking up to FBF!


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