Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thank You to My Beautiful Sister

There are some wonderful flea markets on Main Street in Gentry, Arkansas.  Not long ago, my Beautiful Sister and I visited them on a blustery, rainy day.  And my shoe was broken.  I was wearing a pair of beaded sandals for the first time.  They were darling.  But then a strap snapped on one of them.  Gasp!  (Yes, this is important to the story.)  So, I should have been having a ball, shopping and chatting with my sister, but I was Just A Girl with a Broken Shoe.  (Dramatic music.)  Have you ever felt that way?  Just A Girl with a Broken Shoe.  (Dramatic music.) 

While we were shopping, I saw an amber colored pig platter that I liked and a crackled green tea pot that I liked.  Both were reasonably priced and well within my budget.  But I was Just A Girl with a Broken Shoe, so neither were purchased. 

Well, I saw my Beautiful Sister this week and she had a couple of gifts for me. 

You guessed it - an amber colored pig platter and a crackled green tea pot.  Both were given a place of honor in my kitchen.

I love how chubby the pig looks.  He is a perfect serving platter here in Razorback Country.  Won't he look cute on a table with my red stuff?    

Can you see the wonderful crackle pattern and gorgeous color?  I love this tea pot and I love my sister! 

So thank you to my Beautiful Sister for helping out A Girl with a Broken Shoe.  (Happy ending music.) 

Thank you for sharing my joy!



  1. Yes, I sure have been that girl with a broken shoe. SO not fun. But thank God for sisters who know us well enough to know when we need them to step in and buy what we were too distracted to get in on. Ahh... I Love this story. So super sweet Marci ;)

    1. Thanks, Noel! My sister is really awesome. It's funny how we loved to hate each other when we shared a bedroom. Now that we don't live together (and have matured quite a bit) we get along really well! ;-) -Marci


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