Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stone Cottage Dog Biscuits

More wagging.  Less barking.

We have five dogs.  Five dogs!  That's a lot of dogs.  They eat a lot of biscuits.  Kids love making biscuits for their buddies.  This is an easy recipe that keeps our furry friends wagging more and barking less.

Stone Cottage Dog Biscuits

2 1/2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour
1 Cup Peanut Butter
1/2 Cup Powdered Milk
1/2 Cup Broth, Chicken or Beef
2 Eggs

Mix all ingredients well.  The Stone Cottage Dog Biscuit dough will be very similar to play dough or sugar cookie dough.  It can be shaped and molded any number of ways.     

A quick approach is to roll dough into a log, then slice at half inch intervals.  The kids get all kinds of creative.  Sometimes, they just act like it is play dough and make crazy creatures.  They also like to use cookie cutters or roll it into balls and smoosh them flat.  Just make sure the biscuits are all about a half inch thick so they will cook evenly.  Bake them on a lightly greased cookie sheet in a pre heated 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes.  Ovens vary.  The biscuits are done when they are browned and crispy.   

Let the Stone Cottage Dog Biscuits cool before sharing with Fluffy, Fifi or Fido.  We don't want to burn anyone.  There you have it.  Kids love making 'em.  Dogs love eating 'em.  With this post, I am sending a special wink to my sweet friend, Chili Dog with Cheese on Top!  ;-)  *wink*  

Invite your furry friends to share our joy!


  1. Five Wags out of five possible Wags for Stone Cottage Dog Biscuits! This is Chili Dog, and I'm sporting a cheesy grin knowing that my "parents" have the recipe for these delicious treats. I'll even hold still to have my toenails clipped for the promise of a biscuit. Who knows, your fuzzy-four-footer might just mend their ways too when you make this treat.

  2. I am going to have to try making these. Suki does love her "cookies"! When we were in Michigan, my mom in law brought out cookies for the grandkids and asked "Who wants a cookie"? Suki started dancing around her feet...wanting a cookie :0)


  3. Hi, Chili Dog! I am so glad you liked the biscuits. You are such a good girl. Congratulations on holding still! It's hard for me, too.

    Hello, Anne! I love that you call the treats "cookies". I bet Suki will love these. If you get a picture of her dancing, will you please share it?

  4. Here I am again, hanging out at the Stone Cottage. Chili Dog requested that I print this recipe to place in our family recipe file--after all, she is part of the fam. I'll teach her to "nose" through and find it! Then I'll teach her how to do dishes. Never mind, I've seen her method. Tami

  5. Hi, Tami! How nice to hear from you! Chili is in good company. The Stone Cottage Dog Biscuit recipe is the most popular post on my blog! Our furry family members sure bring a lot of joy to our Old Stone Cottage!

  6. I am coming back when I'm not so tired to write this recipe down. WOW... 5 dogs~!! That is a whole lotta dog food and dog poo too ;) Ha ha ha!! We had 3 at one point because we were foster dog parents for a minute there, and I thought that was crazy. Now our 2 are keeping me quite busy, but oh how I love them.

  7. I love dogs! - 5 must be crazy at times (but still worth it). I make my Great Pyrenees homemade biscuits but these are different - I will try these. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe on my blog hop.

  8. I love this recipe! I have made doggie treats before and they used baby food. I like this better since I have all the ingredients at home already! And my daughter has been asking about making some more doggie treats so we will try this recipe next! Thanks for sharing on We Made That!

  9. oh you will have my babies spoiled even MORE rotten :) Great recipe and I think they will like these!


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