Friday, November 4, 2011

*HOT* Jalapeno Jelly

OK...  This jelly is not for the faint of heart.  Handsome Husband likes *HOT* peppers.  Not me.  If you like things spicy, you will love this recipe.

*HOT* Jalapeno Jelly

13 Jalapeno Peppers
1 1/2 Cups Vinegar
1/2 Cup Water
4 1/2 Cups Sugar
Salt to Taste
2 Packages of 1.75 ounce Fruit Pectin
Green Food Coloring, if you want
4 - 5 Clean Half Pint Jars
Rinse jalapenos, remove tops.  Halve 2 jalapenos and toss in food processor with seeds and membrane.  Halve and remove the seeds and white membrane from the rest of the jalapenos.  Quarter one jalapeno and place one piece in each of the clean half pint jars.
Process the rest of the jalapenos and one cup of vinegar in food processor until jalapenos are a fine pulp.
Pour processed jalapenos and vinegar into a 6 - 8 quart sauce pan.  Add 1/2 cup vinegar.  Simmer 15 - 20 minutes.  At this point, I pour the contents of the sauce pan into a measuring cup to make sure I have enough prepared jalapenos.  (I love these "Batter Bowls" from Pampered Chef as they are great big measuring cups.)  You have the option of using the pulp or straining it.  If you don't like the idea of pulp in the jelly, strain it through a colander with either cheese cloth or a coffee filter in the bottom.  We leave the pulp in the jelly.  (Does that make it jam?)  At least one cup of prepared jalapenos (or strained jalapeno juice) is needed. 
If you want to add food coloring, do so.  I usually don't add coloring.  This is how the jalapenos look without additional color.  Put them back in the sauce pan, add the water, salt and sugar.  Stir constantly until boiling.  Add pectin.  Continue stirring and bring back to a boil.  Let boil hard for one minute.  Ladle over jalapeno quarter in clean half pint jars.  Process in boiling water 10 minutes.  Did I mention this stuff is *HOT*?
'Can't really see the color in this picture... It's kind of a dark green.  This is how it compares to the Sweet Mint Jelly and Savory Mint Jelly.
This recipe makes 4 - 5 half pints.  Share our joy!  :-)

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