Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meeting a Matriarch

The Matriarch on my father's side of the family has led a fascinating life.  She worked as a nurse for fifty years, mostly in hospitals on the labor and delivery floor.  Oh, my, the stories she can tell!  She is spunky and fun.  She is also stubborn, like most members of our family.  Her eyes still sparkle and her laugh is vibrant, but her health is beginning to dim.  She needs to use a walker now.  She is the last of her generation and  current owner of property that has belonged to my father's family for several generations.     

Handsome Husband and I helped her with mowing, weed eating, and other outdoor chores this summer, the things that are difficult to handle along with a walker.  We enjoyed being at her home on a regular basis.  Her sense of humor is unmatched. 

On August 27th our family welcomed a beautiful baby girl.  She is quite the Fashionista, if Fashionistas are chubby.  She is two months old now and has begun to interact with her surroundings.  New babies bring such joy wherever they arey.     

This week we took our Chubby Fashionista to meet our Beloved Matriarch.  They were quite enamored with one another.  The Matriarch spoke gently, and the Chubby Fashionista smiled and said "Goo".  Everyone laughed.   

A precious baby's "goo" blended with her great great aunt's laughter.  Now that's a beautiful harmony.  I wonder if God was sharing our joy.


  1. Oh HE absolutely was. A circle of life moment for sure. SO amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing with FBF and for the super sweet shout out this week. Have a great weekend Marci.

  2. That is such a lovely story! I hope one day I am that Matriarch in my own family. You are so blessed to have her. ~ Linne


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