Monday, September 20, 2021

Sewing Fabric Flowers for an Autumn Wreath

This is such a fun project for me!  When our grand daughters were younger, I made so many of these fabric flowers for them to wear on headbands.  Some where HUGE looked more like fascinators than bows!

Here's where today's project begins.

My Interchangeable Wreath has been hanging out in that crowded craft room waiting for some attention.  Poor thing!  It's been in there for ages.

Also gathering dust is this lovely scrap of fabric.  It's one long strip, about eight inches wide and a yard long.  I love the colors, but have never quite known what to do with it.  Until today.  ;-)

I have an old school double knit in a similar teal and tons of red felt in a couple of colors.

I cut the purple into four inch strips, folded it in half and sewed the edge in my sewing machine's longest straight stitch.

The bobbin thread is gently tugged until the strip is gathered nicely.

Next I trace and cut a circle of soft beige fleece.

The gathered strip is sewn onto the fleece beginning on the outside edge and working my way toward the center.  I stitch a few times, lift the presser foot, turn the fabric, then stitch a little more.  This takes a little patience for me.

In just a little while, I have these beauties!  Even though the strips and the fleece circles are the same measurements, none are quite identical.  One of the flowers' centers was crazy wonky (technical term) so it was hidden with a large button.  I repeated the process for the teal fabric.

I have a gigantic cookie cutter collection.  One of them happens to be a maple leaf.  It was used as a pattern for the red fleece.

Here's where we are.  'Not bad for an afternoon of cutting and sewing.  I need to see how it fits on my wreath form.

That's about as full as I want it, but it seems to need something a little whimsical.

T-Pins are the key to cycling different looks on my interchangeable wreath.  Before pinning everything down, though, I step outside to one of our grand old oak trees and snip a few branches with pretty acorns.

That's better!  I think I'll hang it sideways...

Shall we see the other cozy creations? 

;-)  -Marci

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  1. What a fun project for fabric flowers! I have set aside many long strips of fabric and now I know exactly what I'll do with them. Thanks so much!


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