Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Neighborhood Library and Craft Swap

What's happening in your neighborhood?

A couple of years ago, I read The Little Book of Lykke.  It gives lots of examples on how to bring communities closer together.  There are practical tips on ways neighbors can share what they have.  At the time, I asked Handsome Husband if he could build a neighborhood library.  Of course he agreed.  He enjoys wood working.

Two years passed with no library.  When our world was turned upside down with a crazy new virus on the rampage, I asked again.  He dug around in our old milk barn and pieced one together.  It was built and painted with what we had on hand.  I didn't have a lot of books to share, so Handsome Husband suggested we also add a craft swap section.  Y'all know about my monster stash.  He cut out some cute little critters and left the wood raw.  The darling rabbit is from THIS PIN.  If you want to see my take on this bunny (it's actually a sewing pattern) click here.

We texted nearby friends and, of course, as families were out for walks, they noticed it!  In just a few days, it was filled to the brim with books and goodies to share!

Several have thanked us for adding this little bit of community spirit to our corner of the neighborhood.  We enjoy watching as children make their choices for the day.  Wise parents only allow one book at time, giving them an excuse for a trip around the block tomorrow! 

The craft swap area has had paints, chalk, bubbles, stickers, silk flowers...  All kinds of fun things!

I love joining the Pinterest Challenge each month!  This time, we were asked to focus on Dads!  The purpose of the Pinterest Challenge is to motivate us to not just pin, but to make it happen! 


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  1. SO fun! And you just reminded me that my son and I had made plans to walk around a local town and find a few of these community libraries. We have been searching for reading material.

  2. I noticed one of these little libraries when I went to vote last month. It was never there before. Such a good idea!

  3. What a nice thing to have around the area. We don't have anything like this where we live. It's a shame. Happy Tuesday!

  4. That looks like a wonderful idea. We have several small pop-up libraries in Powell River but they tend to be adult books. - Margy

  5. Wonderful idea to add books and craft stash materials. I'm sure everyone in your neighborhood is enjoying it.

  6. This is a fun idea and your husband did a great job building it, Marci!

  7. I think these are such a great idea! We have a few in our neighborhood!

  8. What a sweet little project! You could fill it with just about anything :)


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