Sunday, July 8, 2018

Thrifty Finds

One man's trash...  ;-)

I recently got to spend a day with my Fabulous Aunt and had a wonderful time!  There will be a post about the view where we had lunch, but today, I wanted to show you my finds at a local Thrift Store we visited.  My photos were taken before the treasure was dusted.  OOPS!

This lovely green apple has been cleaned and added to the guest bedroom / Home Office.  I'm still tweaking some things in there and am loving the apple accessories.

These ceramic frames are quite heavy and the price was right.  'Haven't decided what to do with them, but am very drawn to that leaf pattern and soft color.

This guy is so cute in his vibrant green galoshes!  He doesn't match anything in our home, but he makes me smile.  That's all that really matters, right?  ;-)  Currently, he's stomping his puddles on top of  our piano and I grin every time I walk past him.  

What items in your home are there just to make you smile?  

Tomorrow, I will be part of a Thrift Store Upcycle challenge.  These are so much fun!  Please come back to see all the crafty shenanigans!

;-)  -Marci


  1. The little dog is Spot the dog! My grandson loves his books about Spot. I have to read them to him many times a day when he visits. I thought there were only books. I've looked for toys & all I ever found were books.

    1. Hi, Jenny - I've been trying to remember this little dog's name. THANK YOU for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment! -Marci

  2. I love the green apple. I was just thinking I need to go to the thrift store and your finds make me want to go even more.

  3. I love buying thrifty things that I don't know what I will do with, just because I love them! You will find the perfect spot for the frames and the doggy.


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