Sunday, July 29, 2018

Haven at Pineville

Maybe this should be a "Travels with Marci" post?  If you enjoy those, they are on my page titled "My Ozarks".

You might remember my post about the Thrifty Finds I purchased while spending a day with my Fabulous Aunt.  I promised to tell you about the spot we found for lunch.  Here ya go!  ;-)

Nearby Pineville, Missouri is a small town built on the Elk River.  When I was a teen, Fabulous Aunt worked for a company whose Summer Picnic was held here with a canoe trip down the Elk River.  Since I am very close to the same age as her daughter, sometimes I was invited to attend, sharing a canoe with my sweet cousin.  Pineville has a very pretty square.  Isn't their old courthouse grand?

The landscaping is nice, too!  Someone built a restaurant right on the Elk River called Haven.  That's where we had lunch!  The food was really tasty and enjoyed looking out over the water.  These photos aren't great, just using my phone and snapping thru the windows.  Hopefully, you can see the beauty.

They have a small deck down some pretty steep stairs, but it was too hot on this particular day.

Upstairs, it felt like we were in the tree tops.  We talked about family, summer picnics and canoe trips.  There were some teens playing on a rope swing and jumping into the deep end.  Downstream, younger children were balancing on logs, wading and splashing in the shallows.

Haven was a perfect place to spend lunch time on a hot Summer Day!  I am so grateful to live in such a gorgeous area.

Where have you been lately?

;-)  -Marci


  1. That does look like a sweet little town.

  2. Sounds like a great place! It's funny that my hair salon is called Haven!


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