Saturday, December 16, 2017

Green Friday at Hobbs State Park

When our sweet granddaughter asked to spend the night after Thanksgiving dinner, we of course said "yes" and started looking for something to do the next day.  Hobbs State Park was one of the first spots we checked.  Thankfully, they offer a wonderful program called Green Friday!

The feathered welcoming committee consisted of a beautiful Barred Owl and native Turkey Vulture!  As cars were pulling in, these friendly birds were waving and smiling.  What fun costumes!  The excitement began before we had even unbuckled!

What a wonderful option for the day after Thanksgiving!  Can you see her pretty smile as she learned about old fashioned toys?

I wish I had snapped more photos of all the clever activities available, for example there were ten different animal skins participants could touch, name and discuss.  An amazing insect display featured magnifying glasses and a treasure box of coloring books!  Another booth was teaching how to make fly fishing lures.

This station was creating incredible jewelry from salvaged computer parts.

A lovely young lady was playing a wooden flute beautifully in the main lobby, so guess what our granddaughter wanted from the gift shop!  ;-)  Our daughter used to play clarinet, so she was happy to see interest in a woodwind!

This sweet little girl was very thoughtful and chose gifts for her brother and sisters, too!

How did you spend the day after Thanksgiving?

;-)  -Marci

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  1. Oh, such a sweet day. I especially loved seeing the older people engage with your granddaughter.


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