Sunday, September 14, 2014

Interchangeable Wreath for Fall *HOOT*HOOT*

It feels like Autumn here in Arkansas!  The mornings are cool and leaves are beginning to look a little sleepy.  It's time to update the front door!

 Does anyone remember  My Basic Wreath Form?  It's been a while since I played with it.

  Well, it was laying around with some other doo dads.  Ribbon, old lids, chip board letters.

And our crapapple tree needed to be pruned a little bit.  Aren't crabapples pretty?

T-pins have been the absolute key to updating My Basic Wreath Form.  First the chip board letters were attached to the front of the old lids using scrap booking glue dots.  Next I squirted a big glop of hot glue on the back and quickly inserted a T-pin.  While the glue cooled, Autumnal ribbon was wrapped around the wreath and pinned in place.

Snips from our crabapple tree were added to cover about one third of the interchangeable wreath form, using just enough T-pins to hold them in place.  The lids-with-letters were attached opposite the branches.
A little Upcycled Owl snuggled into the branches and now welcomes visitors at our front door!

Does it feel like Autumn where you are?

;-)  -Marci


  1. Love it! Your wreath is super cute. :).

  2. Marci that is my favorite wreath of yours ever!! (So far!) That owl is so cute and the jar lids are very clever. Crab apples are so pretty. Now I need some T pins

  3. love it :) The colors are so fall and the owl makes it perfect! I love the interchangeable wreath, so easy to change it up!

  4. I love that you can change this out if you want to. Pinned. Would love if you came and shared this on the Merry Monday Link Party.

  5. That is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Happy Fall party. Pinned.


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