Sunday, August 10, 2014

StitchFix #4

Have you seen my first three posts about StitchFix?

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It's a great way to buy new clothes without actually shopping.  I know, right?  After completing an online questionnaire about preferences and current needs, five articles of clothing or jewelry are shipped to you.  In the comfort and privacy of your own home, try them on.  Mix and match with what's in your closet.  If you love it, keep it.  If not, ship it back.  You can keep or send back any number of items.

Here's what came in my StitchFix box this time:

Pomelo Clarice Multi Stripe Belted Fit & Flaire Dress
41 Hawthorn Candice Embellished Tie-Waist Tunic
Eighty Sixty Kalea Watercolor Print Zip Detail Blouse
41 Hawthorn Iris Striped A-Line Skirt
Kensie Jeans Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean
What do you like?  Which items would YOU keep?

Here I am trying to model the 41 Hawthorn Candice Embellished Tie-Waist Tunic.  (I never quite know what to do with my hands!)  This one is a keeper!  I actually wear it over my swimsuit the most, but I'm not putting a photo of that on this little blog!  For work, it goes over a chocolate brown tank and white skinnies.  This is an item I never would have considered grabbing in a store, but thanks to my StitchFix box, I tried it and loved it!
I also kept the Skinny Jeans, too!  No photos of the jeans,  though.  Y'all know I'll wear those with everything!  ;-)
The Pomelo Clarice Multi Stripe Belted Fit & Flaire Dress is so dern cute!  When it came out of the box, I was super excited.  It fit in the hips and waist, but not upstairs.  Rats!  I also loved the zipper detail and colors of the Eighty Sixty Kalea Watercolor Print Zip Detail Blouse, but the length was funny on me.  While the 41 Hawthorn Iris Striped A-Line Skirt fit well, the colors just aren't quite for me.  So, this time, I only kept two items and the others hopped back in the bag that is included in the box.
What have you been wearing this Summer?
;-)  -Marci


  1. Pity the flaired dress didn't fit well, but love the hawthorne top. This is the first time I've heard of Stitchfix, but I don't think they deliver overseas, but nice idea!!

  2. None of these clothes show off your new size 6 figure. They are all making you look way bigger than you really are. Now that is just my opinion and everyone has one is the old saying. but if I'd lost that much weight and had a body size 6 I wouldn't hide it. Go for it girlfriend. Flaunt it you deserve it....
    Now the new flared dress is a good choice I think.

  3. Aw, I"m sorry some of them weren't quite right because they all looked fun...and you!

  4. I saw the tunic first and loved it and then scrolled down and saw you wearing it. Great choice!!

  5. Marci, thanks for the great party. I'm visiting and pinning!!! Hey, thanks for sharing your hairband tutorial post on my blog hop today. I have shared it with my G+ friends and am going over to Facebook in a few. JUST ADORABLE!!!
    Please stop back at Ducks 'n a Row to add your weekly blog hop to my list. I am hoping to make it a very current resource for those of us who love to party with our friends!

  6. That's an advantage I didn't think of...that you are getting stuff you wouldn't normally pick out. I think this concept is fascinating. I'm a little scared I would never remember to send the stuff back!

  7. Thanks for linking up at Rhinestone Beagle! Come by and check out our "wanted" post, from sept 10th, for crafters like you to participate in out annual Howl-oween Craftathon. We'd love to have you join in.


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