Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Review: Planting Dandelions

Field Notes from a Semi Domesticated Life

From the author's website:  PLANTING DANDELIONS is what Pittman describes as a “natural history of an American family,” a captivating set of field notes on the living habits of a small group of humans embedded deep in the heart of suburban America. In its eighteen linked, chronological essays, she observes everyday life from the center of the chaos, but with an outsider’s appreciation, wonder and amusement. This perspective isn’t surprising given her provenance.

My thoughts:  In this book, Kyran addresses life, marriage, parenting, daily grind and death.  She does so with honesty, along with kindness and a sense of humor.  When she writes about her father's death, I had to stop reading and cry.  The antics of her three sons made me laugh out loud.  Her marriage isn't anywhere close to perfect, but she and her husband keep trying.  I think that's what makes the book so endearing.  It's kind of messy.  There are dandelions in the yard, the furniture is scruffy, the children are sweet, but don't always play nice.  Kyran says all that out loud!  Thanks!  I kind of needed to hear it! 
;-)  -Marci


  1. sounds like a good read Marci :)

  2. I think I told you, but I do love this blog and being able to share with others and see the talent that women have all over the country. It is wonderful to see the survival and productivity methods of others.

    Thank you,
    The Woman's Post

  3. Hello Marci... saw this post over at Fancy this Friday. I really enjoy reading books that I can relate to. Looks like I am gonna have to pick this one up! Thanks for the review.
    Gina @ Always Savory


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