Sunday, July 14, 2013

Crafting a Snack

Some nice blogger out there deserves credit for this idea.  I apologize.  'Should've pinned it!  I can't find it again.  If you deserve the credit, by all means, please claim it!
So, here's the idea.  Grab some pipe cleaners or yarn or, maybe even thread.
Toss cereal (that would make a nice bead) into a bowl.
The kiddos then thread the cereal beads, snack for a while, spill cereal, and thread some more!
 photo 8c3a3fa7-8f35-4492-8579-97fc8e46d20f_zps5ec85bfb.jpg

It's a fun afternoon of crafting, but then you also have an edible necklace or bracelet for road trips!

;-)  -Marci


  1. Jacob would love these! And...they remind me of the old candy necklaces of my childhood!

  2. Thanks for visiting the SSSBlog Hop! Just added your badge to my site!

  3. So cute and perfect for kids :) Thanks for sharing.


  4. Excellent idea, indeed! I'm pinning your post. =0)

  5. This sounds like something for my grandchildren to do when they are around. They love crafting and fact, that's how we spend much of our time together, so this should be a hit. : )

  6. That's fantastic. Fun to make and fun to eat. Thanks for sharing. I am pinning it too.


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