Monday, March 8, 2021

A Christmas Miracle Makeover


No one will believe this!  I hardly believe it myself!

Late in 2019, a couple of Girls Night Out Bunco games were hosted at my house.  Wanting our home to be in serious holiday mode for my sweet friends, some small poinsettias were purchased.  I think they were something like $5 each at our grocery store.  If you need instant Winter Style, just add poinsettias!  They are so pretty in centerpieces and Christmas vignettes!

Even though, I've tried my hardest to grow them throughout the years, the poor things have always died.  Always.  Well, this time a white one survived!  How exciting is that?!  

This is nothing short of a Christmas Miracle!

This beauty happened to be placed on my nightstand and has seemed mostly happy there.  After this project, I put it right back!

At this point, the little plant has been in the same container for at least 18 months.  Anytime cream color threads can be seen in the soil of a potted plant, it needs a larger pot.  Here's where the makeover begins.

Several of these empty leftover hanging baskets are swinging from the rafters of our little greenhouse.  They make great storage tubs which frees space on my work bench.  The three prong hook just clips into the top lip of the pot and is easily removed.  A water hose and scrub brush mixed with a bit of elbow grease cleared away all the grime.

A few coats of spray paint in Matte Wild Rose gave the pot a completely new look.

Next, I added some hand lettering with a paint pen.  Hot glue holds the narrow polka dot ribbon in place.  (Polka dots always make me smile!)  The white poinsettia was then transplanted and returned to my night stand.

My Christmas Miracle has a new house where her roots can stretch and her branches can reach for the sky!

This fun project is part of an Upcycle Challenge with some very talented bloggers! 

Across the Blvd

Let's see what they tackled!  

;-)  -Marci

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  1. Wow! Honestly it's hard to believe that old pot came up so beautifully, just goes to show what can be done! And well done for keeping a poinsettia going, it really is a Christmas miracle - or maybe you just have much greener fingers than you thought!

  2. I love the inspiring quote on the planter - great re-use of plant and planter.

  3. The upcycled planter looks great and how fun that the poinsettia survived!

  4. What a pretty and plant saving way to update a planter! I love the quote! It's quite appropriate for the plant and life in general!

  5. Great planter! I love the addition of the polka dot ribbon!

  6. You've managed such neat lettering on a round object! What a great transformation.


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