Friday, January 15, 2021

So much Fabric, So little Time

Many of you know I enjoy participating in monthly challenges with bloggers who are much more talented.  I wasn't super committed to January's soiree because the theme was organization.  Heaven knows I need more that in my life, especially in the bedroom dedicated to crafts.  It is always a wreck.  All.  Ways.  A.  Wreck.

So, it was overwhelming to consider getting something completed on a specific deadline.

Here are the lovely ladies who courageously completed the challenge on time.

Across the Blvd
Domestic Deadline
Purple Hues and Me
Coastal Bohemian
Slices of Life
Cookies, Coffee, and Crafts

They inspired me to tackle my fabric bins although not on the same time frame.  This first photo is embarrassing.

 Notice there are fabric bins, but not organized ones.  All manner of materials are crammed together.  Thankfully, Netflix has a nice little series with Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit.  They organize by color.  

GENIUS idea!  

I only purchased two things:  
colorful rubber bands
one storage tub that rolls under a bed

I love buying sheet sets at thrift stores because I get let a lot of fabric for a very low price.  They are perfect for sewing curtains!  All sheets and pillow cases residing in my stash were tucked into the new rolling storage tub and slid under the bed.  The rest of my fabrics were organized by 
COLOR in bins already on hand!

Reds and Pinks.

Greens and Browns

Blues and Purples.

I didn't take photos, but yellow and orange are also together.  Black has a bin all alone and so does white.

Getting this far in my Craft Room motivated me to also organize my patterns.  They are now in categories according to size!  I can hardly wait to get in there and sew something!

'Sending a big salute to my blogging buddies who continually inspire me!  Keep those challenges coming!

;-)  -Marci


  1. Great job, Marci! No matter how long it took you! Truth be told, I dread any challenge that includes organization and storage ideas! I'd rather be doing something else!

  2. You did a great job organizing your fabric! it is easy to see the patterns and colors and now you will have better access to it all.


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