Thursday, January 28, 2021

Trashy 90's Makeover

Does anyone remember the 90's?  Tall bangs and permed hair were all the rage.  Being someone who has naturally crazy curls as well as a cow lick in the middle of my forehead, that was a great style for me!  I pretty much wake up like that!  Is there anything you miss about the 90's?

In the early 90's our home was decorated in country blue with accents in mauve.  Later, though, it was jewel tones.  Tons of floral wallpaper, stencils, and wide wallpaper borders were used the entire decade.

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Are you ready for the trashy 90's makeover?  Now, before you get all judgmental, let me explain.

Our home was built in 1935.  There is a utility room off our kitchen and this trash can lives inside.  No one sees it but me and, sometimes, Handsome Husband.  Yes, it is country blue.  Yes, it has scars and age spots.  (So do I)  Other than that, it's a perfectly fine plastic trash can tucked away in our utility room.

But, then...  A group of blogging friends have this cool thrift store / garage sale makeover challenge each month.  I happened to be thinking about it while folding laundry one day.

So, my scruffy little country blue trash can was dusted.  Out came a can of white spray paint.

That's already better, but I wasn't quite finished.  

I created this quote on Picmonkey and sent it to my cutting machine.

The cut file wasn't too keen on sticking to the textured plastic of the trash can.  Part of it was applied with the transfer tape, but some of the letters were just placed individually.   The alignment isn't quite right, but no one will see it except me and, sometimes, Handsome Husband.

One more time.  Here's the before:

And here's the after:

As much as I love 90's hair, this makeover makes me pretty dang happy!  Every time I see this rubbish, I bet I grin a little.

;-)  -Marci

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  1. That's a fun way to dress up the old trash can. I had lots of that shade of blue in my house during the 90s, too. And ducks. Remember the ducks? :)

  2. It was clever of you to update your trash can, Marci! They always seem to be an after-thought with no one caring about how they look! Great job! I love it!


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