Thursday, September 27, 2018

Book Review: Edible Flower Garden

by Rosalind Creasy

A partial synopsis from Good Reads:  Learn how to grow lovely and fragrant flowers then use them create delicious meals with this beautifully illustrated flower gardening and cooking book.

A photo from my garden, Ed Murray Daylily.  All parts of the daylily are edible.

My Thoughts:  It's time for Fall planting here in the Northwest corner of Arkansas.  This book was filled with lovely options for sprucing up our garden and our plates!  How fun!

Here are a couple of my edible flower recipe posts:

Lilac Sugar
Violet Freezer Jam

What have you been reading?  Or growing?  Or cooking?

;-)  -Marci 


  1. This looks like a great book that would make a lovely Christmas present #pocolo@_karendennis

  2. Wow--how interesting! What a fun gift idea. :)

  3. I never even thought of growing flowers to eat. I followed the link to the lilac sugar post. It looked beautiful and sounds tasty too. Right now I'm reading The Great Alone. I'm not growing anything this year--no garden at all. I've been cooking a lot of Farmer's Market produce though. Thanks for linking up on #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. I will share on social media.

  4. Lilac sugar sounds so yummy! I must check out the recipes. What a beautiful idea!

  5. I want to grow more flowers next summer. I'll have to look into more edible ones. My vegetable garden is winding down. I need to pick the last of the tomatoes and peppers and do a bit of canning. I'm thinking spaghetti sauce. Then I want to make some caramel apple jam, but will have to buy some apples for that to go with my frozen apple scraps. - Margy

  6. This looks like an incredible book with wonderful photos #wow@_karendennis

  7. I plan to grow more edible flowers. I love nasturtiums in a salad. #GoingGreen

  8. Looks lovely and the lilac sugar sounds delicious #GoingGreen

  9. I have had some edible flowers before, it's fun knowing you can eat certain flowers. I had deep fried courgette flowers recently, which were delicious. Thank you for sharing! #goinggreen


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