Monday, March 19, 2018

Spring Chicken - Monthly Craft Room Destash Challenge

It's so much fun to not only see all the de-stash projects, but to get a peak into everyone's crafty supplies.  You might remember my September De Stash when you saw that gourds are a big chunk of mine!  Today's project transforms one of them into a

Spring Chicken

Let's begin with my muse, Agatha.  She loves being held.  My favorite photos of this sweet little hen are in THIS POST.

After planting, growing, harvesting and drying, here are the first few steps for transforming the gourd.

Step 1.  Draw the line where you would like to cut.
Step 2.  Cut gourd and gently remove the top.       
Step 3.  Carefully scrape away the fibers inside.     
Step 4.  Sand around the edges of bowl and lid.       
Next, the inside was painted black using spray paint and allowed to dry overnight.  Two coats of leather dye in USMC Black created a nice dark sheen on the outside.  The tip of a wine cork was used to stamp white paint polka dots on the bowl portion of my gourd.

Creating the facial features was quite the experiment in whittling wine corks.  Most of those failed.  The only exception was a yellow beak, which was painted with yellow leather dye.  These foam flowers and a couple of wiggly eyes saved the day!  I just kept fiddling with them until I liked her expression.  Wait.  Does she look a little tired?

Who can resist a bright yellow flower?  Not me!

Profile picture...  Oh, and did you notice her 'eggs'?

These small gourds are nestled in her basket on pink tulle scraps left over from Making Tu Tus.

The bowl of my charming Spring Chicken is filled with Easter Candy, a big hit with visitors!

This month, my craft room provided all items for the challenge.  There is this much less stuff in there now:

6 gourds, black spray paint, black leather dye, yellow leather dye, white paint, wine corks, pink foam flowers, wiggly eyes, yellow silk flower, pink button, pink tulle, hot glue, and a small length of wire.

Whew!  What's in your stash?

;-)  -Marci

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  1. I love this spring chicken sooooo very much. Her funny shape, her hilarious look (she's not tired at all, she's sassy!!!)and I sure would love to have one in my home, too! Now where to grow a gourd real quick?

  2. How sweet and precious! I love that you enjoy your chickens so much. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Marci, LOVE how you transformed that gourd! I love the glossy sheen on the outside too. I think the way you decorated "Agatha #2" was just charming, and she doesn't look tired at all. Funny your hen likes to be held...I didn't know that was even a possibility with chickens, but I love it!

  4. How adorable! What a great new decoration!

  5. Your spring chicken is awesome! I love this challenge, it's always such a great feeling to know I've completed something using stuff I already had on hand.

  6. Oh my goodness... I love your Spring Chicken. She's adorable and so much fun!

  7. These gourd chickens are so fun! Love the polka dots and cute face.

  8. This is so cute. I love the details you have thought of. It is absolutely precious.

  9. That turned out to be a great project! Wel done!

  10. Both Agathas look very sweet! I'm not much of a painter although I have long admired those who can transform a gourd into something pretty!

  11. That is so cute! I love her little face. Pinned.

  12. Fantastic! Absolutely love it! You are so very talented.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. Hello Agatha is beautiful. It is great she enjoys being held. I love your Easter Gourd, what a cute chick. Great craft idea. Thank you for linking and sharing your post. I also appreciate your visit and comment. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  14. That is just SO cute! I could try to make one but I doubt if I would have the same results! You are so artistic!

  15. Loved your gourd chicken AND your real chicken! Such a cute idea!

  16. She is precious - I never would have guessed her life started as a gourd! I am also in love with your muse, Agatha - so pretty!

  17. Marci,
    Love your spring chicken. She is so adorable.
    Have a great day.

  18. Love this! I featured your DIY today and on the
    Fabulous Party too!
    Thanks for linking! Happy Easter!


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