Saturday, January 18, 2014

Book Review: Fear in the Sunlight

A new mystery featuring Josephine Tey and Alfred Hitchcock, by Nicola Upson.
Fear in the Sunlight
Bas Bleu describes the book like this: 
In this intricate novel, author Josephine Tey is celebrating her birthday at a Welsh resort when she crosses paths with another celebrity guest. It seems Alfred Hitchcock is in town scouting film locations, all the while plotting an elaborate prank to test the mettle of the actors he's brought with him. But a gruesome double murder puts a hasty end to the revelry, leaving Josephine's best friend, Chief Inspector Archie Penrose of Scotland Yard, to uncover just who among a group of very likely suspects are telling the truth -- and who is acting.
The book is very well written.  It opens with a letter from the murderer to a trusted friend describing the motivation behind one of the crimes.  So, immediately I am guessing about the criminal and this particular victim.  I love the opening chapters as the author introduces each character, their likes and dislikes, along with how they are connected with the rest of the cast. 'Gotta be honest though.  There's a reason I generally don't read murder mysteries.  I don't like the part where the murders are being described.  Blech!  Also, I prefer books to end with "and they lived happily ever after".  This novel does not end that way, so the ending wasn't really for me either.
My favorite line in the book:
"The director laughed.  'On the contrary,' he said.  'Fear of the dark is natural, we all have it, but fear in the sunlight, perhaps fear in this very restaurant, where it is so unexpected - that is interesting.'
If you enjoy murder mysteries, you would probably enjoy this one!  In general, though, they just really aren't for me.
What are you reading?
;-)  -Marci


  1. I enjoy a good murder mystery this one sounds pretty good.

  2. I do enjoy a good mystery once in a while. Right now I'm reading "Dark Places" and it's kind of a little too scary for me...but I'm still reading it..LOL!

  3. I was just singing a song about Josephine today :)
    This sounds very interesting.


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