Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 Wrap Up- One Year, 20 Wishes

My original post is below with my Year End answers in RED!  It was such a positive experience.  I'll be linking with  Kassi and Kayli at  Truly Lovely today for the wrap up!    A new link party will begin for 2014 the last Wednesday of January.  I hope you'll join the fun!  My goals for 2014 are still being decided.  Any suggestions?

Truly Lovely

Thank you,  Kassi and Kayli at  Truly Lovely , for hosting a wonderful link party all about one year of fulfilling twenty wishes.  The idea is to make a list of what I  WANT  to do, not have to do, or need to do, but what I  WANT  to do next year!

So, what would I like to accomplish in 2013?


1.  Celebrate 27 years of marriage!  I know, right?  Done!

2.  Vacation in Colorado.  Didn't happen!  We planned to go in October, but I got a surprise job promotion and decided to stay home and train for it!  'Moving this to 2014.  Oh, and I love my new role at work!

 3.  Attend concerts.  Done!

4.  Increase my herb collection.  Done!

5.  Create a new presentation on herbs for when I am asked to speak.  Done, but I actually need to do it again.  It usually lasts 30 minutes, but an hour long training has been requested!  Gee!  I hope I can sound intelligent that long!

6.  Complete 5 hypertufa projects.  I totally forgot that was on the list!  (blushing)

7.  Learn soap making.  Done and I have my products in a gift shop!

8.  Create my own herbal bath salts.  Done!

9.  Create my very own herbal lip balm. Done and it's in the gift shop with my soap!

10.  Learn to quilt.  Done!

11.  Sew one quilt for each of my children.  Didn't happen, but I think I can get this done in 2014!

12.  Take a photography class.  Didn't happen, but I still want to!

13.  Learn Photo Shop...  OK, so I bought the program last year and still have not opened it.  EESH!  Well...  OK...  I'm doing really well with Photobucket and Picmonkey.  I guess that doesn't really count though?

14.  Organize leadership at Herb Society of NWA.  Done!

15.  Run a 5k.  This is an interesting one.  In  2002, I ran a half marathon.  Just a few months later I was diagnosed with an early stage of cancer.  Returning to distance running is therapeutic on so many levels.  This didn't happen, however, I joined a CrossFit gym near my home and am consistently exercising 5 days a week now, so I don't feel too bad about missing the 5K.  I will be putting 5k on my list for 2014 though.

16.  Successfully complete a Warrior Dash with a respectable time.  I have already registered!  Isn't that exciting!!  I was registered and everything, but at the last minute could not go.  This was the motivation though that got be started with CrossFit.  So, again, this was still a great goal for me.  BTW...  I LOVE CrossFit!

17.  Create my own herbal salad dressings.  Hmmm....  Why didn't I get this one done?  I have all the stuff at my fingertips.  I dunno.  OK.  2014, here we come!

18.  Get really good at making artisan cheese.  I'm just beginning to learn right now.  If you have any recipes or can recommend any sites, that would be awesome!  While I made yogurt and cheese throughout the year, I don't know that I am "really good" at it.  'Not sure if this one should be called DONE or not?  I guess I should have written a goal that can actually be measured.

19.  Learn bloggy, techy things.  OK.  I don't really know what those things are, but I would like to!  Can anyone help?  I still have a long way to go, but I've learned LOTS of things this year.  I'm going to call this one done, but keep it, too!

20.  Monetize my blog somehow.  'Dunno about that either.  Any advice?  Anyone?  This answer will be similar to #19.  I've made a little money with the blog this year, but want to continue to grow that!

What do you WANT to accomplish next year?  A new link up will begin the last Wednesday of January.  Please join the fun at Truly Lovely!

;-)  -Marci


  1. Wow! You accomplished quite a lot of your list! I didn't even make one! LOL! I have spent more than an hour with you and I can honestly say that you will have no trouble sounding intelligent for an hour or more! Oh..and if you need a taste-tester for your salad dressing...I'm your girl!

  2. You accomplished so much this past year! Prayers for another successful year.

  3. My 2013 accomplishments:
    -I helped my daughter accomplish some of her goals with her modelling career by styling and managing her.
    -I found sponsors for my blog
    -I increased my social media followers.
    - I cooked healthier meals.
    I failed in keeping myself healthier by exercising more but I plan to accomplish this in 2014.

  4. I was just perusing the seed catalog wondering what new herbs I need to try this year. I'm kind of excited. I'm trying anise hyssop, bee balm, borage and lemon balm besides the usuals parsley, basil, thyme...


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