Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tricycle Racing Suit

If you know anyone who has a tricycle, you might want to spend an evening making a Tricycle Racing Suit! 
'Not sure why he needed to wear snow boots.  He was racing his tricycle through our Stone Cottage.  Maybe snow boots make tricycles more aerodynamic?  Here's the back of the Tricycle Racing Suit.
 Do you remember the Men's Tshirt Makeover #1 , #2 , #3 , and #4  I've done for myself?  Well, Mr. Big Stuff has been asking me to make something for him from one of the men's T-shirts. (I'm referring to those packages of men's Tshirts that come four for around $10.)   He loves wearing the soft Ts. 
Well, I got the crazy idea to make a jumpsuit.  This is the first one I made.  He loves it, but it seems a little floppy around the neck to me - even though he has really BIG muscles. 
Yeah, really big muscles! 
My second try was much better.  Here's what you need: 

1 Men's Tshirt - I used an XL
Thread that matches or contrasts with the Tshirt
Six Rivets
1 Rivet Kit or Rivet Smasher Gadget
Cord or Shoe Lace at least 24 inches long OR Shorter piece of Elastic
Something for Measuring
Sewing Machine
Wiggly 5 Year Old with Big Muscles and a Juice Mustache

Lay the Men's Tshirt as flat as possible.  Safety pin in a few places to keep the shirt from shifting as you work out your pattern.  Using a yard stick and chalk, I measured along the shoulder and top of the sleeve and marked a one inch line. 

Sew this line along the top of the sleeve and shoulder on both sides.  This made the neck line less floppy.  Trim the seam.  (Just FYI...  I did not do this on the first one I made.)
OK.  Prepare yourself.  The next couple of steps are the trickiest part of the project and not for the faint of heart!  Place the Tshirt as flat as possible on the floor next to your wiggly 5 year old with big muscles and a grape juice mustache.  (So, what is the deal with males showing muscles?)
While keeping the Tshirt flat, get the child to lay on the shirt and hold still so you can work out the length of the legs.  (I warned you this would be tricky!)  Just draw a line up the middle as quick as you can.  It probably won't be straight or actually in the middle, but I'll show you how to fix that. 
Whew!  That step is tough.  Are you still with me?  Lay the shirt on a flat surface and give the wiggly one a reward.  Center your yard stick/measuring tape across the shirt to see how close your chalk line is to the middle.  Adjust accordingly. 
 Cut along the chalk line that is centered. 
Sew all the way around this cut to make the inseam.  Trim the seam close so there will be lots of room for pedaling fast.  OK.  Now your Tricycle Racing Suit has legs!
Again, lay the Tshirt as flat as possible.  Find the center of the collar and mark a 4 inch line down from the middle. 
Cut the 4 inch line.  This is how your tricycle racer will get in and out of the jumpsuit.  Make sure the collar is big enough for super fast pit stops!
Now it's time to get the rivet smasher gadget.  The package might call it something else.  ;-)  *wink*   Mr. Big Stuff is so dern cute!  Organize the rivets and let your little wiggly one choose a color.
 This was my first time to use a rivet smasher gadget, so I practiced.  It's easier than I expected.
On each side fold the collar over by about 1 inch.  Then fold the folded part over again.  There will be three layers of fabric.  This does a couple of things.  The folded fabric gives enough thickness for the rivots to hold.  Folding the fabric also brings in the neckline once it is laced. 
Mark where you would like the rivets.  Mine are spaced 1 inch apart. 
Place the rivets using the rivet smasher gadget. ('Sorry.  No photos for this step.  I just couldn't trust Mr. Big Stuff with the smasher gadget or the camera!)  Here are the rivots! 
Time to lace up the collar!  (If the long cord worries you, use a shorter strip of elastic and just sew the ends together after lacing.)   
 Suit up your racer!

Ya gotta love a man in uniform!!  I like the collar better on this version of the Tricycle Racing Suit!
Once you have a fit you like, use the suit instead of the racer for your pattern.  It's much easier using a pattern that doesn't wiggle!  Bling it out any way you like!  I used bright yellow iron - on letters.

Let the tricycle racing begin! 
 Gentlemen, Start your engines!

Wow!  That's fast pedalling! 
Yep!  Our Stone Cottage is filled with wild tricycle racing...  and joy!  Thanks for stopping by! 



  1. So fun! I've seen those rivet smasher things, but never knew if they worked. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love buying gadgets!! This one was worth the money. It will work on the rivets and also snaps. 'Haven't tried snaps yet. Thanks so much for stopping by! -Marci

  3. This is soo stinkin adorable.. looks so comfy and super fun to ride in! Love it.. thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party..can't wait to see what you share next!

  4. Thank you! He loves the soft fabric. I've made three for him so far. Do you think they make the tricycle go faster? ;-) -Marci

  5. Of Course they make the tricycle go faster ;0) Too cute! He's growing up so quick!

  6. It doesn't seem like he should be 5! Sweet little fellow! -Marci

  7. Thank you for the invitation to The Southern Product Queen! Of course I would love to attend your party! Southern Girls Rock!! ;-) -Marci

  8. I know my Lightning McQueen lover would love his own racing suit. This is such a great idea! Just wanted to thank you for linking up on my Thriving on Thursdays linky party last week. It's on again tomorrow (Thursday Australian time) and we'd love to see what you've been up to.

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  9. Lightning McQueen is a fave around here, too! Maybe you could put some kind of lightning bolt on the Tricycle Racing Suit! I love your blog, Anne. Yes, I will be hopping over to your linky party! -Marci

  10. You might have a setting problem with your blog, this post dated January is linked to a current work in progress wednesday? Looks like a fun project. Riding a trike in the house...brave woman you are. I never let my daughter do outdoor things inside for fear of damage, accidents, things being broken etc.

    1. Hi, Sandy! Thank you for letting me know about the settings issue. I'll get that fixed. Mr. Big Stuff is wild on his tricycle, but we push furniture back and he burns a lot of energy when we can't be outside. He's a wiggly guy!! -Marci

  11. Looks like a blast. What a fun idea! Thanks for linking up!


  12. They look so comfortable and there's nothing to untuck at night. A great way to reuse a man's t-shirt, Marci!!!


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