Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Burps Happen - Eyelet Rose Burp Cloth

If you have a baby in your life, you understand.  Burps Happen. Be Cute About It. 
Eyelet Rose Burp Cloth  
Here's what we're making together today!  'Very vintage-y looking! 
 Supplies you need: 

Custom Dyed Cloth Diaper
Eyelet Lace - I used two different kinds
12 Inches of 2 inch Eyelet Lace
30 - 36 Inches of 1 inch Eyelet Lace
Thread that coordiates with the Lace
Thread that coordinates with the Cloth Diaper
Sewing Machine

This cloth diaper is custom dyed with Rit Wine color dye.  I love this shade of wine!  In the photo below, you can see how it compares to an un-dyed cloth diaper and one that is Rit Petal Pink. 

If you are worried about the custom dye job, I've got your back.  Just go to my Custom Dye Job Tutorial .   
This 2 inch eyelet lace I'm using is similar to bias tape at the top.  Can you see it?

The end of the cloth diaper can be tucked inside for easy sewing.  Like bias tape, one side is slightly shorter. 

Sew on the shorter side to ensure getting both sides sewn well.  Once it is sewn to the cloth diaper, finish the edges with a zig zag stitch at each end.  For this step, you'll want to use your thread that coordinates with the eyelet lace.

It's already pretty!  You can stop here if you like!  Do you remember the Chubby Fashionista Rose Accessory ?  We're going to sew a rose using the one inch eyelet lace. 

Start by drawing a circle wherever you would like the rose to be.  Today, I want it in the middle of the cloth diaper.  I have a round pack of needles that is about two inches across.  It is the perfect size for this project.  
Can you see the circle?  For a two inch circle, I'll use about a yard of eyelet lace.

Please refer back to the Chubby Fashionista Rose Accessory before stitching.  First of all, finish the ends of the eyelet lace using a zig zag stitch.   For the next step, you'll want to change out your bobbin thread to one that coordinates with the cloth diaper.  This will make the stitch less visible on the reverse side. 

Beginning on the outside edge of the circle, slowly stitch the eyelet, swirling in toward the center. 
The eyelet will stand softly in a gorgeous rosette.
If your darling happens to make a mess, it will be mopped up in the cutest possible way!  You may have noticed, Chubby Fashionista's onesy is custom dyed  as well.  It's amazing what dying can do for a simple onesy.  Does your super model ever get bored with her photo shoots? 

Thank you for sharing our joy!
;-)  -Marci


  1. SUPER cute!! I didnt even think to embellish these cloth diapers until after my baby was using them as burp cloths. I made a couple as gifts for friends, but NEVER thought to die them! Love the lace you added too.

    Thanks for linking up this week! Your daughter it so cute and I love her headband :)


  2. Thank you, Kara! Sweet Chubby Fashionista is actually our grand daughter. We love her so much! The bow is from "His Lamb I Am". You can check out all their cute stuff on Facebook. -Marci

  3. If there must be spit-up, you may as well look cute:)

  4. Marcie that is so pretty! I wish I had these when my babies were little. Thanks for sharing on We Made That!


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