Monday, February 13, 2023

Tote with Pockets

Walking into church, juggling my Bible and purse, picking up a bulletin AND trying to shake hands is very difficult for me.  I'm just not that coordinated.  LOL!  

My solution?  Sewing this cute tote bag with lots of pockets!

Vibrant Tote with Pockets

Here's what I chose to do:

17" x 15"  Top fabric, cut two

17" x 15" Liner fabric, cut two

17" x 15" Interfacing, cut two

14" x 11" Outside pockets, cut two

7" x 5" Inside pockets, cut two

45" x 3" Handles, cut two

Pockets.  On three sides press edges toward center by half an inch and zig zag.  For the hem at the top of the pocket, on one longer side, press under twice and straight stitch.

My outside pockets are big so I can bring lots of pens and markers for taking notes in my Bible and scribbling all over my bulletin.  The outside ones were centered with the width two inches below the top edge.  It was fun to flip the stripes sideways.  One inside pocket is for my tithe and the other one holds lip balm and peppermint.  They were also centered and placed three inches from the top.

Handles.  Fold the strip of fabric in half longways and press.  Open and fold each raw edge to the center and press.  Fold the strip in half again with the raw edges tucked inside and stitch the entire length.  For attaching handles to the bag, center and sew them 7 inches apart.  

How FUN are those stripes?!

With right sides facing, sew liner pieces together on three sides.  Next, pinch the corner and mark perpendicular to the first seam on both sides.  Stitch.  Do the same for the cover fabric, being careful to keep the handles tucked out of the way.

With cover facing out and liner facing in (right sides together) attach them together leaving a gap to turn the fabric.  Once turned, press and top stitch along the top edge.

 Less juggling.  More smiling!  What have you been sewing? 

;-)  -Marci


  1. Marci, you came up with a clever way to make sure you're able to manage all of your everyday tasks and essentials by making this lovely tote bag. Love the fabrics you chose! Well done!

  2. This is so pretty! I love the colors, perfect for the coming spring. I'm going to have to try to sew something big like this soon. Pinned!
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

  3. This tote is super cute! I love both fabrics, especially the floral fabric on the inside of the bag. I love a cute tote bag with lots of pockets. This would be a great project bag for a crocheter or knitter, too.

  4. Your bag looks so pretty! I love the stripe and floral mixed together. I used to make bags and sell them on Etsy, so I know how much fun they are to make. Sewing can be relaxing unless you have to get out the seam ripper ~ lol.


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