Thursday, September 22, 2022

The Creative Soul's Burlap Bumblebee

Have you been to downtown Muskogee, Oklahoma lately?  Well, I recently spent a few relaxing hours there in this incredible studio.

Check out their beautiful space with plenty of tables and chairs for all The Creative Souls.  Supplies are very well organized and readily available.

My project began with this already stenciled burlap bag, a roll of brushes and pallet of paint.  Suggested paint colors were already at my station, but my lovely instructor, Hope, asked about my preferences.  I did just a little tweaking.

Here's a midway photo for ya!

My finished painting before stuffing and ruffling.  There were multiple fabric choice and Hope sewed the bag closed.  I also got to choose that striped bow.

If you have a creative soul, visit downtown Muskogee!

I purchased a kit to make this darling fox when I get back home!

What have you been creating?

;-)  -Marci


  1. So pretty. You do such lovely work. I like working with burlap.
    Visiting today from #You'reTheStar #10,11&12


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