Monday, May 9, 2022

Gussied Up Hand Towels

We all love a simple, classic, white hand towel, don't we?  What's not to like?  These happen to be from the bargain area at the front of my local Target store.  I remember being so happy with the price, I bought a whole handful of them!  I don't, however, remember exactly how long we've had these classics.


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Gussied Up Hand Towels

Measuring 14 by 18 inches, these were great, as is, when everything in our bathroom was either white or gray.  While that was a great look, these days I'm tired of it.  The walls have been painted the softest shade of blue and a cute red and white striped rug by Threshold that was found at, you guessed it, my local Target store.

Who's happy that gingham is currently a big trend?  This girl!  Another classic, if you ask me!

With my sewing machine, about 15 minutes, and fabric left over from THIS PROJECT, we now have one gussied up hand towel.

First, I cut a 5 x 15 inch strip of fabric.  This gave me plenty of space to turn and seam the edges twice for a generous side finish.  Next, the gingham was folded in half and straight stitched onto my hand towel.

Is one ever enough?  Of course not!  With about 20 minutes this time, and adding in some red rick rack, a set of two is complete.

'Same instructions as before, with a zig zag stitch holding the rick rack in place. I noticed the charming chevron notion is a somewhat crooked.  Since hand towels are folded into thirds and threaded through a loop of an old harness, no one will actually see the rick rack in its entirety, so it's nothing to be fussy about.

(The lighting in our bathroom makes decent photos impossible.)

Why, yes, my towel racks are made from an old harness.  Isn't that what everyone uses?  ;-)

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;-)  -Marci


  1. I love how you gussied up your hand towels, Marci! We can never have enough hand towels - especially in the kitchen! Personalizing them is way cooler than leaving them plain! You go!

  2. What a difference adding the fabric made! I love them so much, and I too am a huge fan of gingham & buffalo check being "in" right now! Don't worry, once your towels were hung, you can't tell that your rick rack is crooked. I know when I make something I notice my missteps a lot more than other people do. I want to learn to sew so I can make adorable things like this! I can't hand sew a straight line to save my life! I just added a new collage with everyone's photo to our group.
    Happy hopping!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

  3. This is such a great idea! Adding a little gingham fabric brought new life to your kitchen towels! I actually have a set of red and white gingham kitchen hand towels, but I like yours better!

  4. Your hand towels look extra special with the fabric and embellishment trim! I love gingham, too, It's right up there with stripes and dots as my fave.

  5. The hand towels look great, Marci. The fabric you added makes them look so much better.


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