Monday, March 14, 2022

Jumping into Spring Like...

What is your favorite motif for Spring decorating?  Bunnies are definitely a first choice for me!  They never fail to make me grin.

Today's shenanigans happen to be for an upcycle craft challenge, and I'm joined by some very talented bloggers.

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Shall we hop into my project?  (See what I did there? haha!)

Jumping into Spring like...

Does anyone remember this?  It's been around for a good long minute.  I think I originally purchased it from Hobby Lobby.  I think?  Maybe not.  Gordman's?  Perhaps.

Last October, it was re-vamped with a little paint and this SPOOKY SENTIMENT.  To see all the steps, just click HERE because that's all gone now.

It took several coats of daffodil yellow to cover my Halloween cuteness.

My all-time favorite candy EVER happens to be Robin Eggs!  I wanted to create those pretty speckles for interesting texture on top of the yellow base color.

Please note, this part is seriously messy.  The canvas was laid in the middle of an old towel.  

First, a little paint was dripped onto a toothbrush.  Then I scraped my pallet knife across the bristles, flicking paint splatters around the canvas.

My color choices for the flecks are shown above.  I used pink then purple without rinsing the toothbrush.  Then I splattered green and blue without rinsing the brush.  This gave me some blended colors, which I liked.  Once the base texture felt right, I moved on to the darling, whimsical bunnies!

Stencils for the four rabbits and lettering were made on my DIY cutting machine.  Bunnies were taped in place first.

I chose four Easter inspired pastels for the hares and a nice chocolatey brown for the lettering.  Somehow, photos of these steps were completely forgotten.  Woopsie!  Small buttons were added for cutie pie cottontails.  A small dot of hot glue holds their tails in place.

We have a small table that usually holds fresh cut bouquets.  I think it's a perfect spot for some happy bunnies jumping into Spring like hippity hop!

All the buttons in that petite candy jar belonged to my grandmother.  Many were snipped from clothing to be used over and over.  I am definitely from a "waste not, want not" kind of family.  'Very appropriate for this challenge, don't you think!

Let's see how everyone else met this wonderful challenge!

Happy Spring!

;-)  -Marci


  1. Super Cute! I love how you just paint over a sign and give it a whole new life.
    The speckle effect is just gorgeous and really sets the bunnies off beautifully.

  2. It's always fun to repurpose an item over and over again, Marci! You did an adorable job in creating this beauty! An adorable upcycle! I bet you're thinking of ways to re-do it again, lol!

  3. Your sign is so cute! The pastel colors are so pretty. You did a wonderful job painting it. And it's so clever to use buttons as the tails! Pinning to my Easter board!


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